The Coupon Craze

These days more consumers than ever before are dedicated to saving money....more

My 2 Day Pathmark Shopping Trips

 My 2 Day Pathmark Triple Coupon   ...more

I am so, so, SO jealous. We don't even have any doubling stores here. I cannot imagine a ...more

Frugal Ways to Get the Stuff You Want Faster

I noticed as I was pulling together ideas for this section of BlogHer that I'd written a post referencing the tanker economy in 2008. That was a long time ago. And the economy still sucks eggs. I don't know about you, but I'm kind of tired of waiting -- I want to be frugal, but I also want my pretties!...more

Great article, especially avoiding upgrading electronics. iPhones, iPads, etc. are so expensive! ...more

Extreme Couponing Leads to Revisiting the Food Budget

Four months of extreme couponing have led me to revisit my grocery budget. Or maybe create a grocery budget is more accurate? We've never actually had a "budget" exactly. From time to time, we've talked about cutting back or we've talked about how much we're spending, but we've never actually sat down and decided $XXX.XX a week is how much we will spend -- period. I think it's time to give that a try....more

[Bows, nods and generally makes a pompous fool of herself by taking credit where none is ...more

Five Lessons I've Learned from Extreme Couponing

It's been four months since I jumped on the extreme couponing bandwagon and I've learned all kinds of lessons I didn't expect to learn. Let me tell you about a few of them. ...more
sometimes walgreens has olive coupons for 89-99 cents...more

My Latest Extreme Couponing Success

I am still fascinated by the concept of Extreme Couponing. I know the TV show is edited and pre-planned to show the true extremes of couponing. The thought of doing something similar, on a much smaller scale, appeals to me. As I mentioned in April I am starting to pay more attention to sales and matching up sales with coupons. That is all there is to it - seriously. Matching a coupon to a sale to give you the most bang for your buck is the basic principle in extreme couponing. ...more

I'm Addicted To 'Extreme Couponing" But I Hate Coupons

TLC’s new reality show, ‘Extreme Couponing’ is captivating. This show, about real people who use enormous stacks of coupons to get thousands of dollars of groceries for free, is both alarming and endearing. The critics are raving about this show and I’m hooked. But, I’ve never used coupons and I probably never will. According to the show, neither do 97 percent of Americans. Still, that doesn’t stop me from watching....more

I completely agree... I watched the show once and though wow, these people have so much time on ...more

Couponing 101 from an Un-Extreme Coupon Shopper

I'm not sure if it's the aesthetic or a simple case of Obsessive Compulsiveness that causes me to neatly arrange and organize my couponing stockpile.  But when I do, I sit back and stare at it as if it's a treasured trophy from a national championship game or an Olympic gold medal. I suppose in a way it is some sort of game trophy.  After all, I do strategically work out a game plan, write out all of the plays and carry it out all the way to the end zone or finish line.  And I have a nice trophy (a.k.a. stockpile) to show off because of my effort....more

I hate all kinds of shopping. I'm also the person who would spend 20 minutes in a grocery store ...more

Extreme Couponing at a Double Coupon Store

Last week I was getting excited about my vacation to South Carolina, where I'd be able to visit a grocery store that doubles coupons. Today, a week after my very first double couponing trip, I'm still excited. In fact, I'm finding it a little bit difficult to shop at grocery stores that don't double coupons -- that's not good, since I'm back in the land of no doubles. Once you get a taste of doubling, it's hard to go back. ...more

You should see her coupon binder.

BlogHer Book Club Host Karen Ballum also blogs at ...more

I'm Taking Extreme Couponing on Vacation

I'm on vacation, and I took my coupon binder with me. I'm looking forward to extreme couponing in South Carolina and Florida -- and if those of you attending BlogHer Food '11 want to make a coupon run while we're in Atlanta, I could probably have my arm twisted and shop there, too. ...more

While you're on the road, I'd also suggest checking out sites like CouponMap and CouponCabin ...more