Codes & Acronyms: The Language of Extreme Couponers

If you spend any time at all reading coupon blogs or forums, you might feel like the posts are written in another language. After three months of total immersion into the world of extreme couponing, I still run into an acronym or a tip that doesn't make sense to me. Let me see if I can explain some of the most confusing bits of couponing lingo for you. ...more

My sister is a coupon queen. She wakes up early to shop before she goes to work when she has ...more

Queen of Coupons, I am not

Last night I was watching a show on Extreme Couponing and I was completely enthralled.These people were able to walk up to the check out lanes with over $1000 worth of groceries and walk away spending somewhere around $.06 or less.Read more HERE....more

On TLC's extreme couponing, you're seeing extreme versions of what we do every day. In fact, ...more

Extreme Couponing: What's Your Buy Price?

Confession: I still haven't created a price book, like The Mrs. Another confession: Unless someone forces me into it, I may never make a price book. That's horrible, isn't it? What kind of extreme couponer am I? I haven't made a price book and I haven't bought 100 bottles of Tums or Maalox. ...more

I have to admit that I have thought about buying it because it often seems like too good of a ...more

Extreme Couponing: Where Do You Find Coupons?

The question I've been asked over and over again is, "Where do you find coupons?" and I have to be honest -- I didn't really understand the question. Even before I started extreme couponing, I knew where to find coupons -- they're everywhere. I just didn't use them as effectively as I could have. Now that I've been doing this for awhile, I've decided that most of you know where the coupons are -- you really mean something else when you ask that question. ...more
ShallonCollier  Where do you live that you can't use any printed coupons? All of the biggest ...more

Extreme Couponing: Don't Be Scared of the Stockpile

I swore I wouldn't become one of those weird stockpilers when I started my extreme couponing experiment but here I am, three months later, with a nice little stockpile that I'm not only happy with but proud of. ...more

Lucky you! In your area, you'll have stores that offer double coupons which means your savings ...more

My CVS shopping trip

Extreme Couponing is not new. It has been around for years but is the new "big thing" to hit the Internet, blogging world and TV....more

I've been so discomboobalated lately that I've had a hard time sitting down and making shopping ...more

TLC's Extreme Couponing

The first episode of TLC's "Extreme Couponing" premiered tonight and I actually just finished watching it.  I'm not really sure if I liked it or not, I guess I felt like it was missing something. So okay, I've seen women clip coupons and extreme shop.  And it's impressive, don't get me wrong.  But how many times can you watch basically the same thing?  I hope the show branches out a bit and has tutorials, information and how couponing varies from state to state, which state has the best deals, and even maybe how women can network together and swap coupons they do...more

A Sneak Peek at TLC's New Extreme Couponing Series!

Those of you who have been following my Extreme Couponing posts from the beginning will remember that one of the reasons I got started was because of the TLC Extreme Couponing special that aired last December. I didn't see the show, but I did see a ton of blog posts about the show. Those posts, along with a couple of other things that happened in my life, led me to start what I now call The Great Extreme Couponing Experiment (picture that all in capital letters, please.) I owe it all to that TV show (well... 1/3 of it to TLC). So when the nice folks at TLC (Hi Matt!) invited me to watch the first episode of their new Extreme Couponing series, I couldn't say no. ...more

I don't think $40 is small potatoes at all! No, it isn't going to get you on Extreme Couponing ...more

Extreme Couponing with Kids

The little kids really like to tease me about stuff. I don't mind and often try to give them material to work with. They had a ball making jokes about my experiment with extreme couponing -- particularly in the beginning. Two months later, they're making fewer jokes. I'm not going to say I've converted them because the idea of converting children creeps me out, but they have all three come to appreciate extreme couponing. They're all making contributions to my extreme couponing trips, too. ...more

I was just sitting here being all grouchy and this video has cheered me right up. It almost ...more

Extreme Couponing for Free Jeans

A couple of weeks ago, Julie Godar forwarded an email to me about using coupons for fashion and asked me whether people really extreme coupon for clothing. My answer -- "Yes! I don't, but a lot of people do." I told her I'd find some posts about that and write about it at some point in the future. The future sure didn't take long to get here... before I knew it, I was using a coupon to buy free jeans. ...more

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