Extreme Couponers Share Frugal Living Tips

It's official - I'm not just experimenting with extreme couponing, I am an extreme couponer. I know this because my cabinets and freezer are still full of food and also because last week's grocery shopping trips were incredibly small ones. Last week at the commissary, I spent $7.29. We bought two dozen eggs, each marked down to .49 with a .55 coupon off of two dozen. We bought a bag of shredded lettuce for $1, a bunch of bananas, a half gallon of milk, and a loaf of cheese bread. As I type that, I can hardly believe it - I've never spent less than $30 on a commissary visit for a family of six. ...more
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My Growing Stockpile from Coupon Shopping

This week I happened upon the TLC program "Extreme Couponing".  I seriously had no idea it existed, but was so intrigued by it as I sat there watching it.  It was so mesmerizing to watch how an $1100 grocery bill can be reduced to $50 or a $5000 retail value to $250.  That's really something I simply can't wrap my head around and I suppose that's why it's called "Extreme Couponing". ...more

I am so interested in their opportunities that I really thought about driving 3 hours to try it ...more

Everyone Can Use Coupons and Be an Extreme Couponer

This extreme couponing stuff is fun. Who knew? Seriously. When I watched those TLC Extreme Couponing videos in January, I was fascinated and overwhelmed and felt a little queasy about it all -- I really didn't think it looked like fun. The extreme coupon community is so friendly, helpful, encouraging and supportive that I find myself smiling every time I read their blogs and their forums. And it is definitely fun to buy 28 frozen food items and have the Target cashier hand you $15 in Target gift cards after already saving more than $30 on the purchase. That's not just fun, it's down right exciting. The most fun of all is teaching other people how to extreme coupon - and hearing their shopping trip success stories. Best. Feeling. Ever. (OK not ever, but you know what I mean.) ...more
Ummm could you plz tell me how you do this? I had a sister in law who would pile up on stuff and ...more

Extreme Couponing Leads to Extreme Rebating

Before this experiment in extreme couponing, I'd always used some coupons but had never really taken advantage of mail-in-rebate offers. I guess I've sent in less than 10 grocery rebates over the last 30 years. I never seemed to have the UPC or the bottle cap or the label - or if I had those, I don't have the receipt....more
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Extreme Couponing and the Art of Stockpiling

Just typing the word stockpile makes me twitchy so you can imagine how I'm handling the fact that this extreme couponing experiment has turned me into a stockpiler. I have moments when I'm on the verge of hyperventilating. Or when I want to just throw in the towel and say enough already. When TW put a Stuff to Stockpile list on the whiteboard I almost had a heart attack. ...more
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Extreme Couponing: How Do You Get Started?

The best thing about this Extreme Couponing experiment is the people I've met. Check out the comments on my post and on the forum post where I asked couponers questions about how to clip/manage coupons. Everyone has been incredibly helpful, supportive and positive. Because of their willingness to talk about how they manage their coupons, I've finally stopped clipping every coupon I see. ...more
Hi, I am looking for a way to save money. I have watched EXTREME COUPONING for a couple of ...more

Exploring the World of Extreme Couponing

I'm a pretty thrifty woman and I don't particularly mind that my family makes fun of me for it. We do not throw away money on things we don't need. If we need it, and can afford it, we will buy it -- we'll look for a sale but if we don't find one, we still buy. Which pretty much explains why I've never been anything more than a sporadic coupon user. And that, my friends, is about to change. I have entered the world of the extreme couponer. ...more

that doesn't mean I can't save.

Some day I'll live near a doubling store (I hope) -- in the ...more

(INTERVIEW) MrCoupon From TLC's Extreme Couponing

Recently, TLC aired a controversial show titled “Extreme Couponing." It caused quite the stir among couponers and non couponers alike. When I first heard about it, I was excited and wrote about it here. After the show, I felt the need to talk about it a bit more because I felt that there were some parts of the program that were overly sensationalized. The last participant on the show was the owner/creator of the popular couponing site We Use Coupons ... MrCoupon/Nathan Engels. Nathan reached out to me and asked if I would like to interview him after the show. Definitely! ...more

I highly agree with you! Well said! I've also been following online couponing sites to save in ...more

All Frugal People Are Fanatics (Part 2 Of Series)

Recently, TLC aired a show called “Extreme Couponing“. It produced strong reactions from pretty much everyone that viewed it and even became a trending topic on Twitter during the show. Here are a few reactions from the show from various bloggers/sites:...more

Oh I've been the loon too! I agree though, that you can take it way too far. It is not in and of ...more

TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’ Distorts Reality

Last week, TLC aired a special on couponing cleverly called, Extreme Couponing. In anticipation of the re-play tonight, I feel as though I should introduce myself by saying, "My name is Adrienne, and I'm a couponer, but I'm not crazy."...more


The blogs I linked to in the post all have fantastic information for getting started. ...more