Please Don't Ask Me To Apologize For Being An Introvert!

In books I am drawn to the classics, the human plight and the journey for peace and self-acceptance. I love words and gravitate to John Steinbeck and connect somewhat with Saul Bellow’s, protagonist, Henderson, a middle-aged man trying to figure out what he wants. “I want, I want, I want,” he exclaims and sets out on a journey of discovery. I usually need a dictionary to look up all the words I haven’t ever heard before. I’m weird like that because I like not knowing a word and then knowing....more

I'm An Introvert, Not a Sociopath

Whenever someone finds out I'm an introvert I always get a strange look to go along with a response like, 'oh you're one of those'. What is that supposed to mean? First of all let's make sure you extroverts clearly understand what the word introvert means. It means that I'm motivated from within by things that are truly important to me....more