The Ex-Wife Said That I Wasn't Family

I need to take a moment and give names to those that I am constantly writing and ranting about. From now on my boyfriend will be called, Reny (short for Renaldo) the GM daughter is Laura, and the GM son is Luke. Yes, that was done intentionally and yes, I think it’s hysterical. Move on....more

Committed Relationship-Take 2

It was my last date.  Enough already.  I had been on for roughly a year and was feeling a bit drained from it all, rather the way you feel at the end of a great party.  When you arrive, you are the bell of the ball, with your new MAC Naked Lunch shadow smeared all over your eyes, and the new Chanel Brandywine lipstick covering your carefully outlined lips....more

My Husband's Ex-Wife Reads My Blog.

She doesn't just read it, actually...she searched for it, found it, reads it A LOT and leaves snarky comments on it which she thinks are anonymous .It's been 10 years since their divorce and still she stalks.  She's very jealous and bitter, very mean-spirited, very woe-is-me. As a result of all of her antics, I took my 2-year-old, 500+ posts blog down and started a new, anonymous blog.Now I find that I am missing the original blog....more
I have the same issue. Not on my blog (she hasn't found that). But My DH's ExW logs into her ...more