Beauty review - gel eye liner

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Mineral makeup trends. Creating your own personal color style.

Mineral makeup has become the new alternative to traditional store bought cosmetics....more

Eyeliner Tips for Sensitive Eyes

This week, Metalia took one for the beauty team: She tested L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosion mascara. Sound enticing? Take two minutes and read her review. (Really, go read. I'll wait.) ...more

Susan, Jenna, thanks so much. I will try this out. I don't do any of the make-up stuff, but I ...more

Using Eyeshadow and Eyeliner to Enhance Your Eye Color - Does Cover Girl Get It Right?

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My experience with Loreal Bare Naturale mineral eyeliner.

When it comes to eyeliner, I am pretty set in my ways. There is a very specific way that I like to apply it and a very specific type of eyeliner I like to use -- black, inexpensive and easy to apply. I'm currently using one from Covergirl that I got for about $4.00-ish. I recently had a friend suggest that I "really should try liquid eyeliner!" I took her suggestion as a nice way of saying "Girl, it's time to update the eyeliner." And she was right. ...more

I bought this yesterday because I was using liquid and I'm older (59!!!!) and my ...more

Glam it up for the holidays

Here is the classic holiday fashion dilemma: you've got a long shopping list of family and friends and co-workers and teachers, a budget that has to cover all of that and more, and no extra time in your jam-packed schedule. But you're also invited to more than one party, and you would love to have something special and fun to wear. The temptation to buy a new dress is hard to resist, isn't it? But I have a better alternative. Change your makeup. Simple, fast, and easy to do without breaking the bank. ...more

The makeup change is a great idea, especially as it is part of changing accessories to have a ...more

Eyeliner - A simple how-to (plus this week's BeautyHacks wrap up!)

I've had a busy summer, one that has left me choosing between sleeping enough and getting things done. Inevitably, I choose getting things done, and so I am constantly tired. But I hate looking like I'm constantly tired because that's just one more reminder that I am barely getting things done -- please tell me I'm not the only one running this treadmill? Okay thanks! Since sleeping more doesn't seem to be an option, I've been faking a wide-awake look lately, which is simpler than you might imagine. Two steps, actually: eye liner and mascara. ...more

The gel eyeliner recommendation.  I like the Fluidline from MAC.  It doesn't budge.

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