First Impressions: Colour Pop!

I could not be happier with the Colour Pop plunge I recently took. Colour Pop Cosmetics is an L.A. based company that has a massive line of fallout free shadows, lip duos, and most recently blushes, highlighters and even bronzers. The color range is vast and they are super user friendly. Each product is only $5-$8. Seriously! I have had a chance to play and wanted to share my thoughts: ...more

My Birthday Giveaway: em Cosmetics Michelle Phan Shadow Play Palette, Tokyo Plums

Yesterday was my birthday, and for my birthday, I'm giving away a gift to one of you: an em Cosmetics Michelle Phan Shadow Play Palette in Tokyo Plums. Although it snowed on my birthday for the first time in my life (snow in mid-April??), this palette is perfect for spring, which it should be by now!...more

How To Make Your Eyes Pop

Makeup is an art form and the canvas is your face! There are various ways to manipulate make up with different techniques like, contouring and highlighting. Today, were going to talk about how to use certain eye shadow colors to make your eye color pop.  ...more

Almay Shadow Softies: "Whipped to Perfection"?

Recently, what looked like a limited edition display with cute little individual eye shadows for Almay caught my attention. The packaging was attractive and appealing for a drugstore brand. To my surprise, the display had a tester, and no one had used it, so I tried it out. The shadows are described as "whipped to perfection". I am a fan of cream shadows so I was eager to see what these were like. ...more

Skyfall's Berenice Marlohe Masters Smokey Eye Shadow Trend

Let me preface this post with a panicked statement: a portion of my bottom lash line is beginning to be impervious to eye makeup. Eek! ...more
the smoky eye shadow is really a trend to look upto, and it really looks well on your eyesmore

The one with Wet n Wild Sparkle Til Morning eye shadow palette!

Ooooh you get to see my eye today!!!! But...well, with my limited eye make-up skills, it's really just looks like I've got a big old black eye! :) I picked up one of the limited edition Wet n Wild eye shadow palettes, the one I particularly like, Sparkle 'Til Morning. It's full of rich browns and bronzes, with a nice teal thrown in....more

Eye Makeup& Mascara: The Ultimate Touch

Mascara is a type of cosmetic apply to the eyelashes, to lighten, darken, color, thicken, and lengthen. Mascara comes in many formulas, tints and colors it is available with the tube and wand applicators. Mascara can be applied to all eyelashes, but some people use it only above the eye. However, cream and cake mascaras also exist and the ingredients in mascara include water, wax, film former, thickeners, and preservatives. ...more

Fresh Beauty Products to Take on a Test Drive!

Looking beautiful and feeling fabulous seems to go easier if we women have a few beauty aids to help with the process of maximizing our gorgeousness! So here are some fresh and fun new beauty products from handmade companies that are tried and true and may become your next favorites!...more

Mineral makeup trends. Creating your own personal color style.

Mineral makeup has become the new alternative to traditional store bought cosmetics....more

put your best {face} forward

A couple of weeks ago when I wrote about all of the beauty products I can't live without, so many items in the make-up category came to mind that I figured it best to give them their very own post....more