Bushy: My Eyebrow Story

I HAVE A DECLARATION!!!  Which you have probably have already noticed - but I have not written since the start of summer, and sadly, it is officially the first day of Fall today!  Since I have not been writing and I am not really feeling the vibe of talkin’ parent talk - I decided to write about eyebrows.  Yes, this writing has been sparked by eyebrows.  I know it seems silly, and it is, but yesterday I posted a selfie on Instagram because in the words of my 14 y/o cousin to my aunt - “Mom, Instagram is for selfies”....more

A Tweezerman for Every Brow

Do Your Eyebrows Need an Update?

I don't know what it is about baby boomers -- maybe it was all the acid -- but a lot of them haven't realized that shaping and grooming your eyebrows will take 10 years off your face. I'm about to head to my 30th college reunion, and I'm already cringing over what I'm going to see -- a bunch of unshaped, heavy caterpillar eyebrows. Think Susan Boyle ... but without the voice.Eyebrows circa 2010...more

Gorgeous eyebrow goodies!

One Friday ...more