Thoughts And Research on Lasik Eye Surgery

Don't be fooled by the promises that Lasek physicians only have a 1 % or less disaster rate. Within a few moments, you will see exactly what your current Lasik optometrist don't want anyone to learn. Check out a detailed experience of a patient here at          ...more

Overnight contacts for perfect daytime vision?

A lot of people with vision problems don’t like wearing glasses, and they get annoyed with the responsibility of contacts…but you need to maximize the vision you have, right? So you either need to wear glasses or pop in those contacts and deal with the irritation that can occur, things getting stuck in your eyes, the itching, etc. If you have had poor vision from birth, this new trick won’t really help you, but if you are one of the many people who start suffering from presbyopia (the age-related loss of near vision), this new research can benefit you!...more

Is 'Eye Licking' The Newest Buzz?

Already popular in Japan, there is a new sex fetish called Oculolinctus that has started to make its way over to the United States. It is mostly becoming big in the late adolescent/early teen age group and it is also called “worming”. It seems like it is becoming THE way for younger people to express themselves sexually. I hear about a lot of different things that people do to express themselves sexually, but this one that really creeps me out. ...more
@Six Strong Hands Also you probably had a clean mouth- you hadn't been involved in other acts. ...more

Glaucoma at 30???

Recently I have been trying to be more healthy.  I HATE being overweight.  Oh who am I kidding???  I hate being FAT.  This is not the person I have always been and I do not want to be this person anymore.  So I put a plan together.1. Start working out 2. Quit smoking3. Start eating healthierAlong with this plan is taking care of myself, doctor check ups and trying to de-stress more.  ...more
@forevertimeless Thanks!  I will check out her blog.more

Cross Post: Lessons I Learned From a Chalazion Cyst

This is a cross-post from my blog only-mama.I woke up the other day to discover a cluster of 4-5 tiny pimples underneath the lashes of my left eye.I freaked out, but only mildly.  One would think I would have freaked out more, due to my inherent hypochondria and fear of eye maladies.  But I know something important....more

Vision Loss: We are all at a higher risk than we think...

I have had some questions lately related to eye damage from sun, and reflections from ice/snow, and people wondering if that can damage your eyes?  YES! Sun glare is a huge danger for our eyes, which is why it is really important to protect them, but there are also some everyday risks that I don’t think most people are aware of that can cause visual damage.  If you are a skier/snowboarder, sailor, hiker….anything outdoorsy, where you might be at risk for sun glare, I want to tell you about the sunglasses that you NEED to protect those peepers (and why they are superior)....more