OneSight Is Determined to End the Global Vision Crisis

OneSight and TheWayWeSeeIt want to make the world's vision problem end, and end soon. -PJ Gach Photo courtesy of OneSight...more

Working Wardrobes: It's a Guy Thing

  Men in the workplace are rebuilding their business wardrobes, from head to toe. Neckwear. Eyewear. Footwear. Plus jackets and pants.  As You Know--Bow ties have close ties to the past. Your grandfather wore one. When asked if men's bow ties are cool, fewer than 20% said yes a few years ago. Asked in 2013, the yes response skyrocketed and now hovers around 100%, according to several surveys.  ...more

Buy a pair, give a pair: Warby Parker saves the world!

I have always loved the concept of Toms shoes; I think it’s brilliant and extremely generous. Why can’t more businesses have such a postive impact and social mission? Well, apparently more companies do now! I have just discovered the new concept in eye wear: Warby Parker. Warby Parker is “boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point.” But that’s not all: for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. ...more

Christian Dior Croisette Striped Sunglasses

As you all k now, I'm on the hunt for some sunglasses. I have yet to have ANY luck but hopefully I can narrow it down to at least two nice pair and actually hang on to them all summer....more

Don't Forget That Summer Eye Protection!

It's Summertime! Don't forget UV sun protection for those baby blues (or greens or browns). If it's bright enough for you to wear sunglasses, your kids should be wearing them, too. Make sure you have full-spectrum (UVA and UVB) coverage, not just adorable fashion-wear. Their eyes will thank you someday! ...more