Tutorial: How to Paint Upholstery Fabric and Completely Transform a Chair!

I had something else planned to show you today, but this awesome weekend project got bumped to the top of the list because I just love how it turned out.  I scored a great old chair at the Salvation Army on Friday (it had great bones, as they say), and spent the weekend painting it and making it absolutely glamorous....more
I had no idea you could even do this! The chair looks amazing! I have a few flea market/garage ...more

Powdered Flavored Drink Mixes, bad for the intestines, great for crafts!

   Today I found a very old half open packet of grape flavored drink mix in my kitchen closet. I probably brought it at a weak moment at the supermarket, when my kids were young .   Anyway, as I thought about which toxic dump I would take it to, some of it spilled on my favorite white cotton embroidered tablecloth, I quickly tried to rinse it and the stuff would not come out!!! After a primal yell and calming down,  I thought, Mmmm....more

Not So Iron Quilter II

Oh, for Heaven's sake. Iron Quilter II! Ha! my hopes were high and my ambition keen, but it was not enough to keep away the daunting forces of evil....more
wdoldererHey there, Ms. wdolderer! Love seeing you out and about. Yes! The death plague got me, ...more

Crafting for the Holidays

Start thinking about the Holidays now on October 01, 2012.  Are you planning to make handmade gifts?  Start planing to complie the items you will need to get started. You will need: basic items Thread, fabric, glue, sparkles, beads, idea books, sewing machine, tape, iron, fusible tape, felt and time. Spend one hour each night and two hours on the weekend from now until Thanksgiving and your gifts will be ready for wrapping.  Also, start thinking about the your holiday cooking.  Enjoy a stress free holiday....more

Woven Felt Baskets Tutorial

My sewing studio remains unfinished (until Tuesday that is) so I’ve been continuing my ventures into the world of woven baskets… and I’m getting hooked, my friends. These are so gratifying to create, both aesthetically pleasing and practical!And I’ve moved them up in scale to ‘floor baskets.’ Naturally, I imagine using these to house knitting necessities, but they also work well for toys (canine, baby, or otherwise), socks, electronics…...more
Great idea! LOVE felt with all of its vivid colors. Thanks so much for sharing, Much Love, ...more

A Statement Patchwork Clutch

I wrote in my last post that I was in need of a little non-deadline sewing, a project just for fun. Shortly after I wrote that, I spent a couple hours feeding my Pinterest addiction and came across this fabulous tutorial from Say Yes to Hoboken for a simple fold over clutch– just what I’d had in mind. The next afternoon, I stitched up my own version in just a couple quick hours....more

Scrapping By

Moving (or, as the case may be, living in a temporary home) is sort of like being on vacation– every purchase you make is something you will eventually have to transport somewhere else. And with my legs still recovering from a day of hauling heavy boxes up and down five flights of stairs, I’m in no rush to acquire any new goods over the next few days....more

Sharpie Marker Tie-Dye

This is not technically tie-dye per-say, but it's pretty darn close.You will need:-Rubbing Alcohol-Permanent Markers-Medicine Dropper or Small Paint Brush-Fabric-Large trash bagI used a plain white .99 bandana from Wal-Mart. I have also done this with t-shirts before and it works great....more

Country Store of My Dreams

Country Store of My ...more

Texturize Your Fabric

I do a lot of fabric collage, especially when it comes to my art purses. Instead of always going for plain old fabric, I'll construct my own from scraps or contrasting prints. Here's how I do it... For this specific design, I used black and white batik fabric, as well as colored batik. I cut the pieces into long strips and sewed them together, alternating the patterns. That wasn't all! I then sewed black yarn on the colored fabric, and maroon on the black and white....more