Creative Fabric Storage :: Make Your Own Upcycled Room Dividers

Early last year we decided to accept reality and allow our dining room to become the art room/ workshop ~ an intentionally creative space. In the meantime, it has also become the playroom. This means that I can work with Rowan alongside of me, engaged in her own work of play. This also means that it gets cluttered VERY quickly. (I can't show you pictures of that, my mother might see!) ...more

So creative, useful and really pretty. What a great idea!!more

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Double Sided Nautical Inspired Modern Pillow

Check out my post for Mixology Crafts on how to make a super cute Modern Nautical Inspired Pillow using shapes from your Cricut machine and scraps you might have in your fabric basket. One side is an anchor and the other side a sweet mermaid. Felicity...more

New Life for an Old Chair

[Editor's note: How many times have you driven by abandoned furniture and felt like pulling over and nabbing a piece or two for the sake of repurposing? Heather did just that and gave new shine to a formerly frumpy chair. Nice work! - Kathy]...more

Love the style of the chair and it looks fabulous with it's new coat of paint. Beautiful fabric ...more

Fabric is fun, But yardages aren't.

Let me just start by saying that "Railroaded fabric is your friend." That is the way the fabric will be placed on your piece. If the pattern is regular or "up the roll" then you or your upholsterer will have to turn the fabric, to make the pattern face right way up. this causes more waste, and you will have to buy more yardage. ...more

Ta Da!

So today I am a little stiff and sore, but it is the soreness that is livable and good. My arms and legs may not be thrilled with me, but my office - and my hubby are.  heehee So here is the new monster... The way it is set makes it actually not too much futher out than the other was ...more

The Value of the Fabric Stash

For quilters,a good fabric stash is truly like money in the bank! ...more

I do not quilt but I love the rainbow of fabric.

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The World's Most Adborable Buttons...Yes, Buttons!

I came across these buttons on Etsy and they are just so amazingly cute, I had to bring them to the attention of my crafty women on BlogHer. I love the colors and the uniqueness and especially the price. $6 for a set!...more

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Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Collection Disappointing

Like most of Target's designer collections, Jean Paul Gaultier's collection for Target is expected to fly off the shelves. This may be true, but I'll tell you this: the pieces will not be flying into my closet. Even though there were quite a few pieces that looked promising in pictures, I was really disappointed with the quality of the entire collection. The pieces I thought I would like still looked decent on the hanger, but once I placed the fabric between my fingers it was over....more

I was excited to try on the yellow dress since it looks so pretty in the ads.  In person ...more