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Robot Fabric

Kinda darn sweet! In a retro cool way. Robots in a flower garden made of machine gears. I think this design could work for boys or girls. And big kids too. What do you think? ...more

Where do you buy your fabric?

Were do you get your fabric? I think we all have our go-to local fabric store - for me, the big chain store is Joannes. Joannes is fine for cheapish everyday fabrics. The Joannes near me recently closed and so I had to journey to a nearby town to go find one but that one is a SUPERSTORE. It's huge and has a way bigger selection of fabrics and notions and I'm pretty excited about that. There are a couple of smaller non chain fabric stores near me that I frequent often as well. But what about other sources? ...more

Hi... I'm Belsize Square

Just wanted to introduce myself... My name’s Katrina and Belsize Square is my little corner of the world-wide-web. I live in Melbourne Australia, have two beautiful little boys and I love making homemade things! ...more

Outdoor Fabrics are NOT just for Outdoors!

Your kids spend a few short minutes playing rough-and-tumble in the family room, and it looks like a hurricane has ripped through your home. How can you protect your furniture from this sticky-fingered, rough-housing onslaught? Upholster the room in fabric that can withstand a hurricane, of course. ...more

Quilts That Fit. The Industry Needs An Adjustment

Last week I bought a new mattress for one of our beds.  While the mattress and box springs had seen better times (I had purchased them in 1978!), they - and new bedding - were the only things I had seriously considered replacing in the room.  Until the new items were in the room, and the summer quilt was replaced upon the bed.  The quilt is coming up short. ...more


I agree referring to the older books and magazines is a problem. However, when I wrote ...more

Dress Up Your New Wardrobe with some Fashionable Flowers.

Susan has providing tips for redoing all of our wardrobes from clearing out what doesn't work to the the basics of the wardrobe. With new fall clothes and winter coats coming into our closets, I thought I'd help her out by pointing to some tutorials for flowery crafty accessories that will make your basics stand out! ...more

Glad to find this site

It's nice to see sites for women. I make hand crafted items, quilts, specifically landscapes and scenics, hand dyed fabric, gifts and more. ...more