CAUDALIE – Eau de Beauté (Beauty Elixir)

I have been using Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir almost every day since I got it about a month ago.On Caudalie’s website they describe it as: “Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s elixir of youth, this treatment smooths away fine lines, tightens pores and gives the complexion an instant boost of radiance.”...more

What sunscreen are you using this year??

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And then some...

Sometimes, I said sometimes, I hear my voice and it’s been here. Silent all these years.You know that I could use somebody. Somebody like you and all you say and all you do.I wanna smash the faces of those beautiful boys....more


If there’s any profanity that hasn’t come to mind or out of my mouth today, please, consider yourselves free to remind me.Goodness! How unfair can life be?! Despite the fact that my vision remained blurry, I was feeling pretty good the last couple of days. Now and again my eye still hurt, but hey, if it’s now and again and doesn’t come close to labor pains, I won’t complain. Good spirited I went for my check up this morning....more

The one that bit me

“We’re all here. We’ll watch over you. Relax.”“Grandpa?”...more

OMG Lindsay Lohan What Happened To Your Face? [+ SNL Promo]

Lindsay, let's be real. I am not against plastic surgery. I'd slice my baby-havin-pouch with the hideously disfigured tattoo off in a second, and I'd let them take my asymmetrical saddle bags with it. And I'm not above admitting that there used to be a small bump on my nose. But OMFG LINDSAY LOHAN...YOU LOOK LIKE MELANIE GRIFFITH AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY....more
Wow, so mean spirited and not uplifting for women. Tsk tsk.more

Create a luminous glow during the bleak and cold winter months in seconds!

I'm on the winter beauty stuff right now because it has been really cold this week in New York where I live so bear with me for another skin tip! Rodin face oil ! After you go through your regular beauty and makeup routine add a bit of this fabulous face oil on the temples of your cheeks, the tip of your chin and even a dash on the forehead. It will give you a luminous glow all day. An excellent alternative to this is to use vitamin E oil....more

40 Something Here Looking for the Best Face Care Products

Okay, I am 40 something with 3 children, 1 who doesn't sleep well, stress, life... I am tired of looking older than I am.  All my friends look youthful and rested and I just feel like dirt most of the time.  I have been longing to try some of the more expensive products on the market today because none of the inexpensive ones seem to really do anything but at $100 for a 1 oz jar of cream... I just couldn't do it.. UNTIL NOW.  ...more

Start Your Tween on the Right Path for Healthy Skin

When I attended MORE magazine’s Reinvention Convention this last June and heard Dr. Will Kirby speak about healthy skin (I wrote about this in an article, Ageless Skin De-Mystified), it had me wonder when I should start teaching my girls about skin care....more

Quick Beauty Tips for a Beautiful, But Busy, You!

Making your own bath and body products can be a blast. It's more cost effective than buying everything you need from the store, not to mention a lot of fun. Sometimes though, there's just not enough time to craft our favorite beauty products. So here are a few quick beauty tips and diy recipes that you can create in a minimal amount of time with little to no effort. Stay gorgeous and keep crafting!...more

This post is really great... It's my favorite of the day! My 20 month old has been having some ...more