Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Facebook has been around for quite some time and doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Not only is Facebook still reaching record page views, they are also continuously upgrading, improving, and adding new features to their site.Over a billion people all over the world log into Facebook everyday to check their status, message their friends, and find entertainment....more

Saycheese: Using images to promote your brand on social media

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Despite being decades old, this saying still hold true in today’s digital age. Images play a pivotal role in conveying messages between businesses and their consumers. With the rise of social media, companies now have an additional platform to promote their brand. No matter what type of social media platform you’re utilizing, images are a great way to effectively engage your audience. The right type of image can tell consumers more about your business than any amount of text can....more

How We Can Solve Facebook's Fake News Problem

It's been hard to adult lately. My heart is sore and my brain is full of despair. What will happen to our world? It's frustrating to feel so helpless.Except we're not. One of the things that is contributing to the polarization of politics and the spread of misinformation lays at your disposal. Facebook. Yep. We run that mother. All of us. Facebook is like family. It's where I share myself and the things that matter to me. I suspect most of you feel the same. But Facebook has a problem....more

Social media sites like Facebook greatly contribute to career opportunities and advancement in career fields

Major social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have over the time played an integral role in the various career opportunities, which are available throughout the world both for academic and for business purposes. This has been enabled by various factors all linked up to the social network platforms which have been made more user friendly....more

Why I Needed a Break From Facebook

I have stayed on Facebook for a lot longer than I should. The truth is, for a long time, I really enjoyed having it. It was the only way I stayed in touch with a lot of people in my life. Friends who had moved away or just gotten busy. It enabled me to share pictures and stories of my kids we were having with family that I rarely ever saw. ...more
Love this and its so true you get caught up and before you know it you lose yourselfmore

and even more statuses

or…. Short Stories; the Threequel… (or… “Fluff” because it’s been a busy month)...more

11 Ways to Leverage Facebook Like a Boss

Fact: bloggers like to complain about the infamous Facebook algorithm. I get it. It's frustrating to create content, post it to Facebook and have only a tiny fraction of people who like your page see the post. I've been blogging for just shy of two years and Facebook has consistently been the number one source of referral traffic to my blog. That means most people who are finding Ripped Jeans and Bifocals find me through something I post on Facebook or something someone else shared from my blog on Facebook. While the "just-when-you-get-it-right-and-figure-things-out-then-Facebook-changes-again" is frustrating, here are 11 things that have helped me with Facebook reach and engagement and ultimately, getting eyes on my blog posts. ...more
Adalinc To Life I don't know that's necessarily true. Facebook really tends to not show much of ...more

Do You Take Facebook Quizzes?

Earlier this week I took a Facebook quiz to find out my IQ. My results were astounding. I scored higher than Nicholas Tesla, somewhere in the range of 170. But... I'm a teacher's kid, and I was frequently tested as a child. I know that my IQ is nowhere near 170. I think the quiz was reporting my seventh grade weight. Now here's the thing. The fact that I took this stupid quiz makes me think my IQ might be half to a third of what Tesla's was. You would guess I would see the irony in this. Taking a Facebook quiz is like filling your car with gas, making sure the oil is full, and offering the keys to the guy who just robbed the bank. Sure, go ahead, take a good look at my personal information. Of course, I'm as smart as Tesla. ...more