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Moms on Social MediaAre you a Faeebook Faker? An Instagram Impostor? A Pinterest Pretender? We all do it. We post our most gorgeous, enviable moments to social media and sort of “leave out” the rest. ...more

MM - 10 writing resources on Facebook

Rabbit, rabbit!...more

How To Lose a Facebook Friend in 10 Posts

People unknowingly lose friendships over social media. It’s not usually through direct hurtful comments (which as we know are far too easy from behind the “safety” of your screen), but from the incessant over posting and poor etiquette.  Save yourself and your friends from these Facebook faux pas....http://strollersavvy.com/2015/04/how-to-lose-a-facebook-friend-in-10-posts/...more

DC Speaks – Doug’s 153rd Birthday and why Mrs. H is just so jealous.

DC has his own Facebook and Instagram accounts. Instagram is private and I only accept people I absolutely know to follow him. 90% of the photos on this account are photos taken of him by me or someone other than himself. The photos and videos he has taken himself are pages from whatever book he may be reading, food, princesses from either books or the computer screen and videos of YouTube videos of Cinderella dancing (spinning mostly) or other characters spinning. There’s a lot of spinning....more

I hope you guys can like my page!

I have created a facebook page so that I can connect with other Mothers, please like my page! I love you guys! https://www.facebook.com/auntieagonywww.auntieagony.com...more

Change, Stumble, and Fall

 Change is one of those things that comes easy for me. Too easy.So I never understood the concept of resolutions because I didn’t need them. I was too spontaneous, too “fly by the seat of my yoga pants,” too “let’s get bangs sober” to even think about planning out my next life step....more

Do I Need A Facebook Disclaimer?

Have you noticed your friends posting a disclaimer on Facebook saying it will protect their rights? Do you need one? Does it work?...more

Why the unfriend button has become very friendly.

Now I have to admit, I am a bit of a social media addict, I go through phases with the different platforms and some I avoid entirely. At the moment Instagram is my obsession. I love a good selfie and i've noticed particularly  in the UAE it seems to be a more a popular and responsive platform then Facebook.....though for anyone living in the ME region please let me know in the comments if you disagree.But enough about my Instagram love, there is a very simple reason I not as hot on Facebook anymore as I once was:...more

Getting better at social...

Sell, sell, & sell! ...more