3 Tips on Politics, Friendships, and Facebook

Lifelong Learning...more

Saying Goodbye to Validation Through Facebook

It was her, not me, who jumped in on the Follow me/Follow you bandwagon back in the early days of her blogging in an effort to gain more followers. It was her, not me, who once felt compelled to post everyday though her real life demanded that she not. She’s the one who checked her stats daily and cried when she lost her first blog followers. She’s the one who commented on 100+ blogs every.single.day and cried when only two people commented on hers. ...more
My goodness Jessica, you have grown so much as a writer. And I never knew this about you, though ...more

There is Nothing Normal About Facebook

“There is Nothing Normal about Facebook”     ...more


 You're right your Friend Request might throw me into a tizzy! ;-) But I ...more

Facebook - When an Old Boyfriend Finds You

Dilemma... You open your morning email and have a new friend request.  O, who was looking for me last night? ...more

If You Could Put All of Your Facebook Friends in a Room Together, Would You?

I updated my Facebook status last night with a funny thought. "I wish I could put all of you in a room together. That would be awesome and slightly awkward."  This goofy thought lead to an interesting question... If you could put all of your Facebook friends in a room together, would you do it? ...more

My initial instinct was to say no... because I don't like crowds and I don't think all of my FB ...more