76 Million Farmers and Counting: Do You Play FarmVille, Too?

What clucks, quacks, honks, moos and has over 76 million Americans per month completely captivated? If you haven't guessed FarmVille, you've been under a rock or possibly off the planet Earth over the past few months. ...more

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What I Didn't Know About My Facebook Friend

Everyday Shakespeare http://www.everydayshakespeare.com   I met R. in Israel during the summer of 1998. I was doing research for my dissertation; she was studying Hebrew just for fun. From there, she planned to go to Bali. ...more

The biz of writing, the biz of biz and the art of social media.

This weekend gives way to full immersion towards the biz of writing as I attend a 3 day writer's conference at Webster University in Geneva.  Very jazzed, very much looking forward to learning from the talent of Annette Kobak, Susan Tiberghien ...more

Henio Zytomirski – Facebook Profile Memorializes 6 Year Old Holocaust Victim

As the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors, the horrific reality of death camps, forced labor and mass murder were never an abstract concept for me. I was able to touch the numbers tattooed on my grandmother’s arm, hold the pictures of the countless relatives I never got to know and hear the stories of struggle and survival straight from the mouths of those who lived them....more

Is It Okay With You When Family and Friends Put It ALL Out There On the Internet?

Imagine you are a guest at a wedding and during the reception a slide show of the bride's mother giving birth to the bride is displayed on giant flat screens while you eat your choice of chicken marsala or prime rib.  Is this appetizing?  As you sign onto Facebook: LOOK! There on your wall is an update from a friend who has "shared" a full-color picture of his red, angry surgical scar.  Do you send a "get well" poke?...more

Personally, I do not discuss others in my circle openly online unless I have their ...more

Baby, You Don't Poke Me Anymore: How Social Media Complicates Relationships

Socially, we are more mobile than we have ever been before. But digitally, we are now more connected than we have been for a long time. No longer are geographic moves tearing our social ties apart. We now inhabit more than a physical space—we are also living in the Cloud. ...more

"Social" networks are over rated.  It is like we are slowly teaching ourselves how to ...more

Facebook and the FTC: Are Social Media Marketers Messing Up?

Are social media marketers implementing the new Facebook contest rules and meeting their obligations under FTC guidelines? Survey says: maybe not, or at least, not yet. Social media marketing -- a bit like the wild west of our imaginations -- a little bit glamorous, a little bit dangerous, and as practiced by some, perhaps just a little bit dirty. ...more

In the name of awareness (the FB color meme)

If you're on Facebook, you've seen the meme going around the past couple of days. Women the world over are posting colors to their status updates. Lots of black, some pink, some white, a virtual rainbow. It's a game that several of my circles (high school, local friends, blogging friends) are playing right now, and it looked cute if harmless. I wanted to play....more


How to Hack a Corporate Network…with Facebook

There’s a lot of excessive trust in the Facebook world. People have entirely dropped their sense of cynicism when logged on. They have no reason to distrust. People who are your “Friends” are generally those who you “know, like and trust”. In this world, your guard is as down as it will ever be....more

Facebook, Teleseminars and Xmas Wishes