Looking For A Job? Have You Told Your Friends On Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook?

While it may not be a trending topic on Twitter, more and more people are using the micro-blogging tool to put the word out that they need a job. As people share their success stories of how they landed a job by using Twitter more and more people are going to include twitter as part of their job search strategy. But does it really work? ...more

This was a great post.  I signed up for Twitter a few months ago, but I am still trying to ...more

Happy Birthday, Facebook!

February 4, 2009 Facebook celebrates its 5th birthday today! ...more

You can go ahead and shove your "friend request"

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook...... where do I start? ...more

She's probably thinking the same thing about you (I mean as far as being beautiful) and she ...more

Facebook in your 40s?

The median age of a Facebook user is 26. I am 41—and yet I’m getting peer pressure to join Facebook. Even though the over-30 crowd is the fastest growing demographic among Facebook’s more than 150 million users, I’m hesitant to join. ...more

 A 50-something friend had a heart attack and her husband told me that the only way I could ...more

Solving a Computer Crisis ....by GETTING STILL

My email account was shut down for 24 hours. Coulda panicked. Coulda frieked out much--especially 'cause I haven't as yet compiled all my contacts in my address book or further,  backed them up to my external hard drive (ipod or iphone or thumb drive..yeah, I have 3 options, don't ask why none of them yet store my contacts). Didn't panic though when I lost all ability to use my gmail. I did what any rational thinking individual would do. I got on Twitter and asked for help. ;) ...more

Breastfeeding: Selfish or Selfless?

When you examine the arguments for breastfeeding, most people seem to believe that it’s the best thing a woman can do for her children.  Proponents point to the nutritional content of breastmilk, the immunity it provides children and the ways in which breast-fed babies benefit in mind, body and spirit.  But after breast-feeding Ayla for nine months (with no signs of slowing down), I no longer do it just for her.  Breastfeeding is a selfish act too.  I benefit at least as much, if not more, than my infant daughter. ...more

I just think of all the mom's perks as fringe benefits :)


The Thing About Facebook


My daughter twisted my arm to join - and I got 7 friends in the first day!  I've been on My ...more

2009 Internet Marketing Forecast

If it already feels like your online business is lagging in last year’s dust, keep in mind that it’s normal to fall behind in the race. However, it’s absolutely possible and critical to pick up the pace of your marketing strategies and increase your chances of taking the lead. But where do you begin and how will you know what to do? The key to Internet marketing and the path to web success in 2009 is anticipating customer needs and making every second count for your business on a daily basis. ...more

Hey Facebook: Suck On This!

Dear Facebook Owners Idjits, ...more