Facebook Over 40

     Facebook.  I first joined Facebook about 6 months ago to see if my son's friends were "on" and if they were "networking" with each other.  I wanted to be the mom who knew the scoop, who understood the online scene.  I created a very bland profile, which basically meant I signed up with my name and my email.  There was no photo of me, no additional contact information, no personal data.  I just wanted to see if this was the new hot spot for the eighth grade set.  I wanted to know what the cool ki ...more

Twittering Away Like a Mad Woman

It was bound to happen. It wasn't long ago that I was blogging under a pseudonym and avoiding social networking sites in an effort to remain anonymous. With a few tentative steps into Blog Catalog, I graduated into FaceBook, BlogHer, LinkedIn, and more writing forums than I care to count. Now I've gone quite mad with social networking and joined Twitter. ...more

... and I think I'm on every network you mentioned above as well. I'm hoping they won't come ...more

What Does Human Rights Mean to You?

Today is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights' 60th anniversary. As part of the 60th anniversary celebration, everyhumanhasrights.org is holding an Online Rally for Human Rights. You can participate in several ways: ...more

 Anything I can do to help spread the word about more

How to Promote Your Brand Online

Creating a brand online is more than just images and tag lines. You want your brand to do three things: create trust, identity and buzz. Your brand makes a promise. It gives a face to your company name that people will trust to put their faith into for desired results and then brag about your services to their friends who will then contact you. ...more

You're a Dork if You Send Your Kids a NICEST PERSON Request on Facebook!

Okay I'm probably one of the Hyperconnected crazies out there that has accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, Ning, Blip, just to name a few.  I immediately saw the application for LinkedIn to be used in business, although I felt it was ...more


Facebook was initially for those who didn’t need LOL and BRB explained, so I was surprised to learn that friends familiar with the letters, "AARP," were signing up and posting what they're doing.  "Like what?" I asked?  "I just took my Lipitor and am getting into bed?" ...more

Dump your dumb phone this holiday season

Dump your dumb phone this holiday seasonShop for a smartphone and work play hard ...more

Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, and Not Understanding Mommy Bloggers

Forgive me, but I think I’m going to ruffle a few feathers with this one…. ...more

Valuable observations.
Where is our *intent* in life and how do we deal with the ...more