SpaceBook is my pet name for the collective breed of social networking sites. Sort of a MySpace marries Facebook and it’s all the same thing, different color. As a genre, SpaceBook is taking a deep stab at the integrity of our human social interactions, redefining the way we communicate and consequentially forcing us to create and abide by new standards in social etiquette. ...more

So I'm on The Facebook.

I mean, I'm on Facebook. Or whatever we're calling it these days. Yes, I gave in. And I'm totally addicted, and I love it. I mean, I'm still convinced that someday we're all going to regret the day we signed up, but until then, when we all realize we've made a horrible mistake, and Facebook somehow owns us, our bank accounts, and our souls, it's crazy fun, crazy useful, and crazy addictive. ...more

Sarah - Thanks for your interesting post! You know, I think the "serious" and the "fun" are like ...more

The Election is Over – Let Change Begin ASAP: Using Obama’s Online Marketing Strategy to Get Results

“But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you. It belongs to you.” –Barak Obama ...more

Bevy: Shop, Save and Showcase your Style

Bevy is an addictive community for those of us already addicted to fashion.  Like a blog, it is all about personal expression.  Members can create virtual closets from thousands of brands, chat about products they love, ask fashion advice and make a video that brings their style to life. ...more

Facebook Excommunication!

My kids all have hundreds of ‘friends’ on their Facebook sites. HUNDREDS! Some of them are relatives and some are parents’ friends. Most are friends from school and summer camp and then friends of those friends. And, at times, they are friends with me. ...more

I'm in my 20's and admittedly a little weirded out by adding relatives to my Facebook ...more

If You Could Put All of Your Facebook Friends in a Room Together, Would You?

I updated my Facebook status last night with a funny thought. "I wish I could put all of you in a room together. That would be awesome and slightly awkward."  This goofy thought lead to an interesting question... If you could put all of your Facebook friends in a room together, would you do it? ...more

My initial instinct was to say no... because I don't like crowds and I don't think all of my FB ...more

10 Billion Facebook Photos: Are You Tagged?

The 10 billionth photo was uploaded to  Facebook this month. 10 billionth. ...more

Fascinating that facebook will "store four image sizes for each uploaded photo", ...more

What Is It About Facebook, Anyway?

I am late entrant to the Facebook world. Had heard about it. Did not want to join. Joined Friends reunited that I could get reacquainted with friends. Soon discovered that Friends required a monthly fee. Realized I did not need to get together with friends that badly. Towards the end of the summer a friend invited me to join. Now the friend in question...I don't her well, but she is a cautious person. I thought if she is a member then I should join. I found 4 or 5 people-we-have-in-common through her page. I set my page. ...more

Is There Anybody Out There Part II

I've learned a painful life lesson today. Always, always know where the undo button is on your computer. If you don't, you could lose all your work, maybe even your latest blog entry, honed with blood, sweat and tea late into the night.   ...more

Cameron- I'm commenting just to let you know your blog is still being read all these months ...more

Facebook Banner Taunting: You Want Candy, Little Girl?

'm a cynical skeptical sarcastic person who has a hard time believing or trusting anything (or anybody). I’ve never bought anything from an infomercial, I think timeshares are for suckers, and I don't believe in the lottery. I walk right by the animated Oxyclean demonstration at the street fair, turning my nose at the crowd that fell for it. But despite my false sense of obstinacy, one of Facebook's psychologically conniving advertisers succeeding in pushing my buttons just enough to push theirs. ...more