Hi, I'm Julie, and I'm a Glutton for Stress

I realized today that human beings are gluttons for stress and anxiety. Namely, artists, but I would venture to say this is pretty universal. I doubt this is new information for anyone, I'm just trying to process the idea. Take for instance, web 2.0. In some ways it creates quicker productivity, connectedness, community, etc. But all of those things come at the price of anxiety. How often we apologize for things that never used to exist: "Sorry I've been a slacker lately with blogging..." ...more

Love this topic.  I stress over this everyday. I try and keep up with how many places I have ...more

why she's a katie girl


When Your Boss Wants to Friend You on Facebook

Has your boss ever asked to be "friends" with you on Facebook? As social media becomes more prevalent, this is a dilemma more workers are facing. A Boston Globe story reports that the fastest-growing segment of Facebook is people 25 years or older, and more than half of all users are beyond college. Accepting a boss's Facebook request can be awkward, but rejecting it can be a slight--and potentially detrimental to your career. Should employers be making such inquiries? If they do--and no doubt some will--what's an employee to do? ...more

I can see situations in my world when I would not have wanted to friend my boss - or my ...more

twitter me this | del.icio.us me that. washwords is.... confused.

I was reading a great article on publishing2.com about the proliferation of the SAME news article out there 10 zillion times. I'm similarly overwhelmed by the wonderful but terrifying abundance of web/media tools out there. For a newbie/researcher at heart, this is a crazy ride!   I'm blogging about it here and would LOVE to hear what you think/use. Help!  ...more

Hello BlogHer World

Hello Blogher, ...more

How free is "free"?

Is the future really free? It seems we've entered an age where there's a land-grab happening for personal data and attention time. Look at all the web start-ups backed by venture capital. They aren't investing out of philanthropy. There's value there. YouTube is "free" but Google paid over a billion dollars for it. Why? Here's a hint: It's not about the Tube. ...more

It's just that these things are part of the transaction. And when you think about them, most of ...more

Technology, Sex, and the Control of Women

In the past few weeks, two seemingly disparate events took place regarding control of female sexuality and technology. On April 4, The Telegraph reported that a Saudi woman was beaten, shot, and killed by her father when he discovered her chatting with a man on Facebook. Gizmodo published an interview with "Zoltan," a self-described "technosexual" who invented a robot who could consent to having sex with him because real women made him uncomfortable (and apparently said no). Both stories are interesting (and horrifying) juxtapositions of how technology can help break sex discrimination, and how they can reinforce old notions of the need to control women's behaviors. ...more

Very interesting your post, Suzanne. I´m going to translate an abstract in spanish, linking ...more

Join the 5 Resolutions Facebook Group

We're like so 21st century now. If you're on Facebook, join our group! After all, one of our 5 Resolutions is to stay connected. This seems like a pretty good way to do it. See you there! Read more at 5 Resolutions to Transform the Fashion and Beauty Industries. ...more