Is running a campaign like running the country? And is an entrepreneurial candidate what we want?

I’m struggling here. I’ve been pro-Hillary since 1991, but something I heard on Meet the Press on Sunday has shifted my favor towards Obama, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I want your feedback here. Does good campaign management forecast good governance? If both Clinton and McCain have gone broke, run weak messages, and had many staff battles, why would we trust them with our country? If I was a venture capitalist, which campaign would I invest in? But then, George Bush had a fantastic campaign…. ...more

No candidate brings everything. Management skills don't guarantee the right decision at the Bay ...more

In the Career World, Much Depends on Who You Know

Networking is one of the most important things you'll ever do for your career. Even when you love what you do, you should continue to widen your professional pool of contacts, including friends, colleagues, bosses, family. ...more

Why Social Networking Sites Make Me Nervous

I feel as if I have dipped my foot into the pool of most of the social networking sites out there. I had a brief tryst with friendster, myspace, & twitter. I had a love-hate relationship with facebook. However, now I have reached the point where I shed these websites & managed to delete my accounts. Why? Most of them are seemingly innocuous. ...more

I think the sites that emphasize having a large friends list over other things have the wrong ...more

IA Youth Wrap-up and Hillary's Youth Troubles

Kristina reported right after the caucus, greeting us with the most exciting numbers - over 65,000 people under 30 caucused. It was with a tearful eye that I have read, in vindication, the hourly google news alerts that include the words "young voters" that are brought to my inbox. Sunday's San Francisco Chronical chimed in with enthusiasm ...more

Where'd the "social graph" exploitation parade go?

So in case you missed the news, Facebook's Beacon has been refactored into an opt-in program, making it, of course, much less interesting to the marketeer forces eager to monetize our friendships. And so the pro-Beacon lemmings have realized nobody's following them. And so it begins: People starting to realize what "free" services really mean. I wonder at how clueless Facebook was about this. ...more

I think the idea of "friends" is dead. Or useless.

Just because I like someone's photo on ...more

Why 44 Companies Are Saying '"HELL YES!" To Facebook's Controversial (And Some Say Creepy) Advertising Platform

When Facebook unveiled "Beacon", its new advertising platform earlier this month, it unleashed a simultaneous bi-polar reaction. From privacy advocates, there was outrage and concern. From advertisers, on the other hand,  the introduction of Beacon was as if Facebook had just handed them the keys to El Dorado. Laura Scott wrote a comprehensive post called Facebook's New Ads: If You're a Good Person, Why Should You Want Privacy? that delves into the privacy concerns. ...more

Will Facebook be the next MySpace? (Does anybody use MySpace anymore?)


Using Social Networking to Kickstart Your Career

Yahoo Inc. has unfurled a professional social network to help college students and recent graduates kickstart their careers. According to a blog-post by Scott Gatz, Yahoo’s senior director of advanced products: Y! Kickstart is a professional network with a specific purpose: to connect college students, recent grads, alums and professionals to find jobs, internships and career advice. ...more

To whom much is given, much is expected. Dear Queen of Spain, I Still Don't Get It...

Original Post commenting on the HuffPost By Erin - Queen of Spain ( ...more

Grace, I am not bowing out. I need a few days off. I will love to visit and re-visit this. ...more

What Breastfeeding Ban? Defending Facebook

This post certainly won't make me popular but I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now goes. ...more
My facebook profile was disabled last week after I posted pictures of me breastfeeding. I was ...more

LinkedIn to Facebook: social mores of social networks (or are they social graphs?)

The social network thing is still something I'm trying to wrap my brain around. Maybe I'm not alone. While millions of people spend hours a day in these virtual "communities," I wonder if any of us can have the perspective to really grok what's happening ... to us, to our culture, to our media, to our lives. Time marches on, and what today looks like tomorrow is something about which we can only guess. ...more

The topic of LinkedIn and Facebook has been everywhere this past week! I myself asked questions ...more