Everything I never wanted to know about breasts I learned from Facebook

You know I can't pass up a good breastfeeding discrimination story, right? ...more

so much problems over a picture...more

ATTN: Bloggers

We have a couple of global events coming up. First, from Listics: OneWebDay: September 22 ...more

Ides of August? Skype Down, Schwab Down, Sifry Out, Furrier Out, Facebook Shuffles

Dave Sifry announced his resignation from Technorati today. John Furrier at PodTech.announced that James McCormick would be the new CEO. ...more

To kp above:

links do drop off/out of your accumulated links on Technorati. The difference ...more

The Helicopter Circles Facebook and It Isn't Pretty

ABC News reported yesterday that an increasing number of {helicopter} parents were contacting college officials to request roommate changes for their freshman children because they found the prospective roommate's Facebook profile objectionable. And what exactly do they find objectionable? ...more

I thought most people agree that Millennials are those born in 1982 or later, those who turned ...more