How Real-Time Blogging Could Mean Big-Time Problems for Infertility Doctors

I recently started using Posterous as an annex space from my blog, instantly uploading pictures, sound files, stories, and videos from my phone. Where I would have had to wait until I returned home from a party or event, hooking my camera up to the computer, downloading and sizing the photos, slowly uploading them individually to my blog, they now are sent instantly and I return home with the whole night already blogged and commented on from people reading at home. ...more

The Facebook Gods

by Jen Reisen I'm not too sure how it all started. Perhaps finding friends on Facebook, more than two years after I joined (declaring myself The Oldest Person there), had finally reached an end. So I searched for God....more

Searching for the Sublime

Julia Baird has caused me to pause. There I was sitting in the car line at school waiting for TD to make her wild-haired appearance and reading her piece, 'The Devil Loves Cell Phones'. We have all heard that silence is golden, but is it also the key to the sublime?...more

Friday Humor: Funny Facebook Screenshots

I love to have a good laugh sometimes. And I love sharing this good mood.Isn't it great when you make someone smile?So today I decided to drop a short notice sharing some fun finds I came across recently.Are you on Facebook? If yes, you will love this! Try searching for [funny facebook screenshots] in Google and you'll have plenty of reasons to have some good laugh.Warning: some of that humor isn't really family friendly....more

A Better Plan for The Social Crafting Business

I'm sure I'm not the only one whose life often feels like one big social network experiment. Like many others, I know that my blogging has suffered at the hands of Twitter. At least once each day, I find myself sharing fascinating links via Facebook. And spending time searching new way to find those links to share - besides other people's Twitter and Facebook links. ...more

Your Obituary…on Facebook? Is There a 12 Step Program for Facebook Addicts?

Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from Facebook; a friend had sent me a message. And the message? That the mother of an old friend “…passed away yesterday. I thought you would want to know. XO”...more

10 Ways to Prevent Social Media Scams

For the past year, I’ve been screaming about the trouble with social media as it relates to identity theft, brand hijacking, privacy issues, and the opportunity social media creates for criminals to “friend” their potential victims in order to create a false sense of trust and use that against their victims in phishing or other scams. I predicted long ago that the problem will get a lot worse before it gets better and there’s no question about it, criminal hackers have taken hold and are in full force....more

Will you be Tricking or Tweeting this Halloween?

Business owner hosts virtual Halloween Costume Contest on Facebook to inspire entrepreneurs to let their inner goblin out and for the chance to win a free iPhone...more

Managing Your Social Media Afterlife

You never go far without access to your Twitter stream. Facebook is like a second religion to you. Your blog is essentially your baby. Whether you're online for business building, furthering your career, or personal endeavors, social media is a core activity in your daily life. For many it's even more entwined with their days than showering or brushing their teeth. So... what happens to your online life when you die? ...more

After my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly, leaving us all to grapple with a mess of ...more