Managing Your Social Media Afterlife

You never go far without access to your Twitter stream. Facebook is like a second religion to you. Your blog is essentially your baby. Whether you're online for business building, furthering your career, or personal endeavors, social media is a core activity in your daily life. For many it's even more entwined with their days than showering or brushing their teeth. So... what happens to your online life when you die? ...more

After my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly, leaving us all to grapple with a mess of ...more

On Being Facebook Smart

Last December when our son turned thirteen  I asked him if he would like to open his very own Facebook account. He told me he wasn't interested. Life went on. A few months later we visited friends who lived in a land far far away Kansas....more

I believe it was a segment on this morning's "Morning Edition," if that ...more


~~10 REASONS NOT TO FRIEND YOUR MOM ON FACEBOOK   1.      Because last time you were on, she IM’s you from work and tells you to get your butt outside to mow the lawn   2.     Because she asks why your friend, Dane, addresses you with… “Waz up, Bitch?”   3.      Because she pokes you with red hearts, hugs, and kisses   ...more

Sharing or Creating Video with Facebook

Facebook is a great way to share information with your community. Most of us use it regularly to provide quick updates about what we’re doing, where we’re going, or a news story that interests us. Most of us also regularly upload pictures to share with our communities. You know what I’ve noticed, though? Not many people are using Facebook’s video features. I’m not sure if that’s because not many people use video (really? I find that hard to believe--where are the vloggers?) or people just don’t know how (which I think is more likely). If the lack of video stems from the former reason, I can’t help; if it stems from the latter, read on! I’m going to explain how you can upload video to your Facebook account or create a completely new video on the fly on your Facebook profile....more

Thanks for this post Melanie.  A few months ago I spent hours trying to get some videos ...more

High-Tech Harassment in Social Media

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert...more

Small Business Tip: Consumers Spending More Time on Social Media

Web savvy consumers are spending about three times as much of their time on the Web on social networking and blog sites like Facebook and Twitter as they did a year ago, according to new research from The Nielsen Company.  The research reveals the time spent by Americans o...more

Should Obama Be Killed Poll is No Joke: Secret Service Investigates

Somebody on Facebook created a disturbing poll with the question "Should Obama Be Killed?" The Secret Service is investigating, confirm news sources, and blogger GottaLaff at The Political Carnival says she's gotten a "thank you" call from the agency for supplying it with a screen shot of the poll. The agency caller told her "without it, they wouldn't have been able to address the matter." She writes: Last night I posted about a scary Facebook entry, specifically a poll asking whether Obama should be killed. ... ...more

Jesse Farmer is not the person who created the Should Obama Be Killed Poll, but he's had to ...more


Now that I belong to "the club"... the awful club that should close its doors yet daily accepts new members... I often view happy pregnant women as "The Others".LOST fans will know that The Others cannot be trusted. ;-)They will rip out your heart, stab you where it hurts, crush your spirit, insult you, and rattle your last exposed and super sensitive nerve. They will do these things on a daily basis and they won't even notice they're doing it!!!!Their favorite weapon of choice?...more

The Wonders of Facebook

Do you FB? If you're in the loop, you know that means: Do you use Facebook? Recent Facebook statistics report that the popular social networking site has seen a phenomenal increase of older users. Generally we assume internet social media like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter appeal to a very young techie audience. However, from January to July 2009, Facebook has seen a 513% growth of users age 55 and over. An increase of less than 5% was reported for users ages 18-25 for the same time period....more

Cherry Picking the Sex and Relationships BlogHer Blogs - Good Posts Come in Pairs Edition

Rather than an overall theme this month, I find that my short list of posts from the Sex and Relationships BlogHer Blogs comes in pairs. And so I bring you: Two darling dogs, Two Facebook friends, and Man Hair... times two. Did she rescue him, or did he rescue her? BlogHer kdsalyer writes about her dog Bear in her post, Rescued: ...more

Wow, first time reader of your posts.  Interesting thread pulling them together.  ...more