How to Help Save Ohio Libraries

If any of you are book lovers or authors, this news of library funding cuts will break your heart, just as it did mine, but we can all do our part to save Ohio libraries! ...more

Facebook Rehab 4: Strike of the Enabler by "Samantha Greene"

Facebook Rehab 4: Strike of The Enabler By “Samantha Greene” ...more

Facebook? The MOVIE? Like?

What next, I hear you ask: Twitter movie? Short script on that one, I reckon. The Facebook Movie is happening, and the creators are doing their best to give it an actual hook and plot. Would you see a movie based on Facebook history, which is all of five years old? ...more

i hear the book is actually quite interesting and pretty much everything Scott Rudin produces is ...more

Facebook Rehab: Day 0 by "Samantha Greene"

Facebook Rehab By “Samantha Greene”   ...more

How to Create & Maintain a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page can be a great tool for your business, personality or endeavor.  It serves as a fun way to update interested parties about what’s new and what’s news and is especially effective since so many people are already turning to Facebook as a means of staying connected. Before you create a Fan Page, make sure this is the right option for you.  Sometimes people confuse Facebook fan pages and groups.  I’ve ...more

There is Nothing Normal About Facebook

“There is Nothing Normal about Facebook”     ...more


 You're right your Friend Request might throw me into a tizzy! ;-) But I ...more

[!] Be careful – Facebook

Checking my blogstatus page here at Worldpress because it is always fun to see from where my readers found their way to my blog. So under yesterdays referrer I found a link and clicking on that it took me to this page: ...more