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Checking my blogstatus page here at Worldpress because it is always fun to see from where my readers found their way to my blog. So under yesterdays referrer I found a link and clicking on that it took me to this page: ...more

Weisure Time – Can You Have It All And All At Once?

Work Time +  Leisure Time = Weisure Time.* Weisure rhymes with seizure, and I hope that that will not be the result of this crazy lifestyle of weisure that we created for ourselves. Basically, “weisure” is the loss of distinction between our work and leisure time. As we have more work than ever to do (and the economy doesn’t help) in combination with the ever increasing capacity of technology, it has become easier than ever to let our work slide into our leisure time. Our oh so smart phones contain our link to the rest of the world ...more

Creative Commons Facebook Application: The Right Solution to the TOS Issue?

This year Facebook has been criticized mercilessly regarding its terms of service (TOS). Members have been upset because Facebook changed its TOS to basically say they own your content in perpetuity. Savvy internet users were not impressed. Because of the backlash, Facebook returned to its original TOS which states you own the content you post on Facebook and can control how it's shared via privacy settings. The debate goes on and on and I won't re-hash it here. What I want to discuss is a new Facebook application by Creative Commons that was released last week and whether it's a real solution to the Facebook terms of service argument. ...more

Are You LinkedIn?


10 Things I'm Too Overwhelmed to Write About, but That's O.K.

You've heard of writer's block? I think I may have writer's flood. While reviewing potential writing topics for BlogHer this week, something I generally start considering within 24 hours of publishing my weekly BlogHer post, I had lots of ideas, but soon realized that I did not want to do the kind of research I feel a BlogHer post deserves, didn't feel like figuring out the back story so I could write the front story. ...more

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I'm to overwhelmed "and that's ok". I sat on my sofa staring at a ...more

Fix Your Facebook Profile: Use Its Full Potential

You have a Facebook page, right? I mean, if you're Gen Y or younger you do. Definitely. But what about if you're a Gen Xer or Baby Boomer? Do you have a Facebook page? I'm thinking you do, but I'm also thinking you may not know how to optimize that page. I know that before I started researching for this article, I certainly wasn't using my Facebook page to its full potential. Let's fix that today, OK? Because your Facebook presence can be phenomenal with just a few applications and tricks. ...more

I'm so glad this article was helpful to you all! Please let me know if there are other social ...more

BlogHer Chatter can help you update Twitter (and even Facebook)

Post update 8/21/9 to reflect new Twitter OAuth functionality Last week, the BlogHer product team rolled out our latest tool - this one designed to help you manage your social media identity. If you use BlogHer Chatter and Twitter and even Facebook, we now offer you a one-stop-shopping approach to telling your peeps (and your Tweets) what you're up to. Props to our friends at Cerado who helped us build it! Here's how you use it. ...more

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Do You Need a Facebook Group or Fan/Brand Page?

Do You Need a Facebook Group or Fan/Brand Page? ...more