Addicted to Social Media?

As a disclaimer…the following is not intended as a true diagnosis or a cure…please check with your local social media expert to determine if you are in fact an addict. So how do you know if you enjoy an online existence or if you are in fact addicted to social media? Maybe these questions will help you decide: 1. Do you check your facebook more than 3 times a day? ...more

Why do you need to cut the cord? Not all addictions are bad, right?

Excuse me, must update ...more

Midlife Apocalypse: Oprah's Plugging Facebook

Here's the joke: Even Barbie's had a Facebook midlife crisis. What do you mean who's Barbie? I mean Mattel's Barbie of course! Has Oprah joined her? ...more

... for finding and referencing me.

As I wrote in my post, I have a love/hate thing ...more

My Facebook Diary pg.3

These days you can hardly tell the members of one religion from another, what with the new relaxed standards of jeans and shorts at Sunday worship services. But back in the 60's in my little hometown, you could tell the Pentecostals a mile away. The women didn't cut their hair, ever, so even by elementary school age they had quite a head of hair to deal with. By high school age they had resurrected the beehive and made it their own. We were all afraid that in a good stiff breeze, they would all topple over in some weird domino effect. ...more

My Facebook Diary pg. 4

While I'm waiting for friends to find me, I've been entertaining my new friends on Facebook with my 25 Random Things About Me you don't know because I left our hometown so long ago... 1. My first job was at a Timex watch factory in West Texas. I put on 3500 minute hands a day. Seriously. ...more

My Facebook Diary, pg. 2

I've got 2 new friends! ...more

My Facebook Diary, pg. 1

So I'm on Facebook now. What's next? ...more

Life After High School, My Facebook Diary

It is simply my opinion, nothing else, that we NEVER get over the things that happened back in our school days. Oh, we say that's all behind us now, we're bigger than that, we've EVOLVED. But every time, till we die, that we walk into a crowded cafeteria and wonder where we should sit, or please God let someone ask me to sit with them, we are 12 years old again. ...more

It's already happening! Read more under My Facebook Diary. pg.1, pg. 2, etc.more

It bugs me that social networking has gone main stream!

I know this makes no sense but it bothers me that so many of the talk shows, entertainment programs, and cable networks are not only using Facebook and Twitter but are actually doing segments on these sites and are twittering and reading Facebook comments on the air.  One the one hand, I feel oh so superior because I’ve been using these sites for months but on the other hand I feel like now that it’s gone main stream I’m no longer in the insiders club and need to find another really cool, cutting edge site.  ...more

Cutting the Cord

I'm addicted to Facebook. I'm addicted to Twitter. I'm addicted to Google Reader. I'm addicted to email. I'm addicted to my Blackberry, which helps me keep up with Facebook and Twitter and Google Reader and email. ...more