The Facelift that Sparked a Divorce

When Inge told her husband she planned a face lift, he said that they couldn’t afford it. She thought they could; she asked Harry to show her the books.   He got angry, called her a shrew, a nag, and an ungrateful bitch of a wife, then stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.  I met Inge when she attended my seminar a few weeks after that incident. Recently, I saw her again on the walking trail. Animated and radiant, she looked years younger than I remembered her. She brought me up to date....more

What Kind of Example Am I Setting by Getting a Face Lift?

The idea of someone messing around with my face is scary. And I know someone who knows someone who knew someone who died during a tummy tuck. What if I slip over the thin thread of life that holds the patient during anaesthsia, leaving my three girls? Indeed, what kind of example am I setting for them by undergoing elective surgery? ...more
i'm at the age where the thought crosses my mind...more

Watch a Liquid Facelift: Instant Results, No Knife

Here’s footage of a Liquid Facelift – no cutting, no sutures but lots of injections with various serums that I can assure you are not natural.  The before and after photo shows minimal results and I truly believe that the Facial Magic results – no injections that plump or paralyze or cutting of perfectly healthy tissue – are more pronounced....more

Joan Rivers’ Guide to Beauty Under the Knife

Joan Rivers, plastic surgery maven, is sharing her experience in her new book:  Men are Stupid….And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery.  Apparently this is a very well researched and useful book; between quips Joan offers sound advice on finding a good plastic surgeon and what to expect in terms of the entire experience.  But in writing this book I suppose we’re meant to see Joan as an aspirational figure.  The message is that with thousands of dollars you too can beat back age and turn your face into a frozen death mask.  Sounds inviting – j ...more

Slice 'n Dice Beauty

Let me make a confession right up front. I believe in taking pride in appearance. I never leave the house without makeup; I color my hair and take pains to style it every day. I file my nails and moisturize my skin. I shave and tweeze and primp. I like to look my best. For many women, though, this little ritual has spiraled completely out of control in a foolish attempt to live up the standards of beauty set by... uh... set by who? And that 'who' – that unknown, all-powerful 'who' -- summarizes my problem with the whole thing. ...more