Full Body Art-Making


Enticing the eyes beneath the surface & a scientific experiment

Yesterday I shared with you the three biggest fears young children conceal about being in the water and learning to swim.  Today, I will discuss ways to approach the under water world with our youngsters.  First, do you remember how sensitive your face can be to different temperatures of water?  The smallest degree of change can surprise us when submerging our faces.  So, keep in mind that the first time a young child is asked to put their face in the cool pool water, the first sensation is usually met with a cool response!  Over time, our ...more

Your eyes were watching you.

I live with a lot of faces--a function of working towards painting every person's portrait in the whole world! I like being surrounded by my paintings: there's something comforting in the faces themselves. It's like my friends are always around, encouraging and reassuring me. As it turns out, I'm not just being eccentric when I say that painted faces have a real effect on me. A team of psychologists at the University of Newcastle has given scientific weight to my musings. ...more

Painted on Faces - a poem

  painted on faces ...more