Top 6 Best Facial Toner Machines to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

The best facial toner machine is a solid evidence of innovation. It brings facial treatment to the next level. With the technological advance, facial treatment definitely becomes very easy and affordable. Few machines are highly recommended for its stunning work. Here are those products as recommended by journalbeauty....more

The Best Facial Machine for Home Use and The Side Effect

The Best at Home  Facial Machine and The Side EffectAs published on journalbeauty, Radio frequency machine can be the cool substituted solution for those dealing the early stage of sagging facial skin but too nervous and hesitated to undergo liposuction. Although it doesn’t involve surgical method, it turns out that the usage of radio frequency device in facial skin still harbor some risks. Consider these possible risks before you eventually opt to get a radio frequency device for the facial skin!...more

Apple Sauce Facial Scrub

This is a very simple recipe for a scrub using ingredients you probably already have in the pantry or fridge.In a small bowl mix together:...more

Wellness Wednesday: Rodan + Fields

And once again, I avoid the workout post this's Christmas day, I thought we could celebrate with a wonderful gift I believe you can give yourself this year (even though today is Christmas, you still deserve a special treat). One of my goals in the upcoming year is to really feel more confident. I really hate my skin...and I'm terribly embarrassed to go anywhere without make-up on. It's true, this is a BIG insecurity of mine. Now that you all know, you'll probably check my skin out in every picture and I'll feel even more self-conscious...teasing!...more

DIY facial

Have you ever want a quality facial, but couldn't afford it?Well here are aome products and tips to use to get that spa like facial. These products are inexpensive, but will be able to assist you in reaching the same results. These products can be purchased right at your local drug store. 1.Cetaphil2.Apricot scrub3.Cucumber mask4.Witch Hazel5.Pond's facial cream...more

Facial Oil Cleansing Method

Treat Your Skin To A DIY Pineapple Facial

A little while ago we made an easy coconut sugar scrub which is the best for soft skin all year round.  Sugar scrub isn’t suitable for your face, so what are we to do? Well, that is where a pineapple facial treatment comes in....more
That's interesting. I have not seen a pineapple facial recipe before.more

Shocking Beauty? Kim Kardashian At It Again With Acupuncture Facial

Pregnant reality starlet shared this close-up picture of her face, neck, cheeks and ears dotted with multiple acupuncture needles on Saturday, March 23. Kim doesn't mind going through painful extremes with her beauty regime, including a recent vampire [blood] facial....more

beauty is deeper than skin

I am a woman who doesn't spend a lot of time on skin care. You would think that at my age I would be interested in preserving what bit of youth still lingers around the edges of my face. A face that is beginning to resemble a paper bag that's been folded one too many times.Most of the time I can't be bothered. I don't even use any kind of cleansing cream. Usually I just shampoo my face in the shower while I wash my hair....more
this was a fun read. and, of course, i empathized having pulled out hair w/masks in my ...more