New Year, New You – With Toned and Tightened Facial Features

The New Year gives us the opportunity to begin anew. Whether it’s a new resolution or a slightly different theme, we can change our minds about how we live our lives....more

Aging Backwards – Secrets To Staying Young

I appreciate Jackie Silver. She is a Facial Magic devotee and she is very vocal about how she loves to exercise her face. Thank you for your meaningful words and your willingness to share your beauty secrets with women of the world.____________________________________________________________________...more

Thirteen Tested Tips that Really Work for Fabulous Skin

By Barbara Morris, R. Ph.How do you get fantastic skin that radiates health and looks alive – even before you put on makeup?...more

Facial Exercise Saves You Money

By Cynthia Rowland...more

Facial Magic Training Class

This month, July 11th, we kick off our Facial Magic group training so that you can exercise your face with Jackie Silver and me. We’ve been exercising for months via Skype and now we‘re expanding this exercise time to include you.  ...more

The Facebook facelift: Woman turns to surgery to improve her looks online

Want to improve your Facebook photo? We’ve all had photos posted where the angle might be off and we do not like the resulting photo that made our nose look wide, our jaw line appear lumpy or our eyelids hooded. You don’t have to resort to plastic surgery, chin implants or even injections that plump and paralyze your features to take a better photo. What does work is learning how to embrace the camera with a ‘chin down, out like turtle’ pose and of course, keeping your facial muscles and skin tight and toned using facial exercise....more

Facebook, Skype Give Cosmetic Surgery Industry a Lift

You do not have to resort to costly and dangerous plastic surgeries or injections to look better on camera. Whether that camera is in your office, your home or on a sound stage, you can look better than you have in years by simply learning how to exercise your face. Facial exercise will lift a sagging, double chin, stop the dreaded wattle and jowls plus pouches will lift up and back into the hairline....more

Paralyzing Injections – Do Young Women Need Them?

By Cynthia RowlandWhat a racket!...more

Women Over 50 Spending More on Beauty Online

What turns back the clock reliably? What slows the development and appearance of wrinkles? Why, facial exercise, of course! Just like exercise works to ensure a more youthful body appearance, facial exercise concentrates its efforts to lift, tighten and tone muscles that have been losing their vitality due to atrophy. When facial muscles droop, you see sagging eyelids, spongy cheeks and a flabby neck. ...more
i agree with you all that it is best to have a proper healthy lifestyle if you wish to look ...more