A Spa Day + A Beauty Giveaway.

Sometimes a girl just needs a spa day, am I right?Believe it or not, I had never had a facial before. I was your standard manicure/pedicure girl, with the occasional full body massage thrown in for special events. So when my friend Emily at Salon Bella & Boutique contacted me with the opportunity to get a facial with her, my interest was piqued....more

Honey lemon facial mask

Honey lemon face maskIt makes no sense to spend $50 or more on facial treatments when you can make all natural solutions at home for around $2.00 each!Try this easy, natural, economical treatment that takes 20-35 minutes start to finish.  Your face will feel smooth, clean, firm and fresh!Squeeze juice from half of a lemon then mix in two tablespoons of honey.  Apply mixture to face, neck and chest.  After 20-30 minutes wash treatment off and continue with your daily or nightly beauty routine.  ...more

Egg Yolk Facial Anyone?

Okay so let me start off with this warning: This facial is a little messy, and my egg yolk covered face is more than a little comical.  Enjoy looking at my enlarged pores, and blemish filled face, knowing full well that your skin is probably way better than mine.PRE FACIAL FACE: ...more

Facials aren't supposed to be depressing

I have nothing against my aesthetician Nina; she’s the best in town. Nina knows so much about our skin and what causes it to hate us, so I trust her implicitly. But man, what a depressing facial! The extracting of my clogged pores with a microscopic scalpel wasn’t nearly as painful as hearing no soda, no coke, no red bull, no sugar free red bull, no oil, no French fries, no sweet potato fries, no fried anything. As if I could just cut fried food out of my diet? That doesn’t exactly work for me. I’m half black–half of my diet is fried....more

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facial

This post was prompted by an article I read in Spa magazine entitled Your Therapist Needs to Know … .  (Unfortunately at the moment I cannot find the article online)  The article outlines what information you should be sure to share with your massage therapist or esthetician before an...more

Use Niapads (nicotinamide acne pads). One simple step helps exfoliate, open clogged pores and ...more

Why You Should Get A Facial ASAP

This post follows up on some subjects I already mentioned in this blog, (like Why Visit An Esthetician and ...more

Looking Younger: What Works - What Doesn't!

From new wrinkle relaxers to DIY at-home anti-aging, a cache of new "youth tools" promise we'll look younger faster and easier than ever. But do they work? RedDressDiary talked to the experts to find out! ...more

It's Spa Week!

It’s Spa Week! What is Spa Week? ...more

How often should you get a facial?