Why do we let fear hold us back in life?

  What are we so afraid of?...more

Facing fear to enjoy the thrill of life

Dr. Elaine Aron recently wrote about her experience white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. In a beautiful post, she tells the world about how this experience was both incredible, and incredibly scary....more

Facing Freedom

 I am raising a beautifully creative child. I became a mother when I was 34. Too late for a first child in some eyes, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice of waiting until I did some growing of my own. God gives us what we need, when we need it. That’s a perfect and true statement. I didn’t realize when it was happening, but I was given the gift of my husband and daughter when I was open to receiving them and loving with my whole heart....more

The Cost of Fear: 3 Ways Fear Steals Your Money (And What You Can Do To Intervene)

I was flying high on pride when the dentist's office called to schedule my follow up visit. Several hours earlier, I had gone in for a check-up and cleaning after nearly a decade of avoidance. You see, despite the fact that I had a gaping hole in one tooth and obvious discomfort in others, I had let fear guide my judgment–fear of pain, discomfort, a repeat of past experiences, and the anticipation of a shaming conversation called “you need 15 fillings, seven root canals, and what-is-wrong-with-you-that-you-would-let-this-go-so-far”? ...more

I may (or may not) go on a date

"If you get a phone call from an unknown number today, it's probably that friend I told you about..." ...more

Painful Truth #3

I have made it to day #3 of my Painful Truth month relatively unscathed.Day 3: I will sacrifice almost anything to avoid a fight. I used to love a good argument but now I avoid arguing at all costs, even if I am right, even if the cost is too high. That is unacceptable.In theory, being honest and regaining my backbone should be easy. All I have to do is open my mouth and let the things creeping just behind my lips slip out. ...more

So You Think You Can Stand

In this never-ending flow of life, there is an infinite array of choices. One alone brings happiness. To love what is... If in any moment you can pause and come into the Presence that's allowing what's happening, you can respond from wisdom and compassion. -Tara Brach This quote is from a talk Tara Brach gave on how to deal with a tendency to look at life and/or the self with an attitude that says "something is wrong"....more

Facing My Worst Fear

It was so many years ago, I was just a child but the impact of my father's death one summers day has a profound effect on my life today . Being out on a boat without life jackets was the greatest mistake we made back then, owning a boat now has opened up a world of trauma....more

The Fearless Cook is sick of Italian Chicken

The fourth Italian Chicken dish I challenged myself to make is Chicken Cacciatore. It is a traditional, country-type Italian stew with cut-up chicken pieces, garlic, wine and leftover vegetables.     ...more

Thanks for reading- you are so kind. I think the three subscribers to my blog tuned me out and ...more

My next leap

Entrepreneurs: if you want your own business, or want more for the one you have, I'm your gal. I love the excitement inherent in going solo and am ready to roll up my sleeves to help you build success your way. I'll admit, though, it's easier said than done. As an entrepreneur myself, I've spent years biding my time to commit fully to running my own business. Up until now I was a dabbler. Not anymore. ...more