Paddle Out - Freeing Myself From the Grip of Fear

Last year I decided that waiting for the day when I might be facing death was a horrible time to begin knocking items off the good ol' bucket list. I had witnessed some of my bravest friends fight great odds against cancer, and something had ignited within me. ...more

Does No Always Mean No?

No means no. Right? Of course it does, except when it doesn’t....more

My Terrible, Awful and Completely Rational Fear of Elevators

Everyone has their quirks. Some people have an adverse reaction to blue cheese. Others avoid public bathrooms. Me? I get scared when I get on an elevator....more
Oh my gosh - my Mom has this same fear, even though she has never been trapped on an elevator. ...more

Life Unscheduled

In the past month, I’ve driven my car only twice. Not once have I said, “Hurry up. We’re going to be late.” I haven’t donned a watch, so most days, at any given time, I have no idea what time it is.I’ve had a month-long reprieve from logistics. It’s like living in some kind of weird utopia where time stands still, or like being on vacation but in your day-to-day life.It is refreshing and more than a little unnerving....more

10 Lessons from Living beyond the Comfort Zone

Some people embrace change, actually seek it out. Others resist it like a bad parasite. I usually fall into the parasite-resisting category (it’s why I never get sick). Last year, when I put a magnet on my fridge that said “life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” I did so to remind myself that good things can happen when you stretch yourself. I’ll admit, though, that at the time, I didn’t expect to stretch very far....more

More Than Fine

Until a few years ago, I had led a very fine life—emphasis on fine. My response to any question was "fine." In our early years together, my "fineness"drove my husband crazy. He was constantly asking me how everything could be fine all of the time. He also couldn't understand why I had no opinion about anything—any and every option was OK....more

Gut Check: How I Misread the Signs

I don’t like to view myself as someone who believes in signs or that the universe is guiding me or that there is a God who has a master plan. I envy people who say they always trust their gut because the most my gut has every told me was that it was hungry.And then last June I went to Chicago on an unexpected 24-hour business trip. As I stood in freezing drizzle looking at Lake Michigan before I headed to the airport, I thought fondly of my time in graduate school—just north of the city. And clear as day, my heart told me it was time to come back....more

To Fear or not to Fear...

So yesterday one of my co-workers, Dave, stuck his head in my studio, "They think maybe a couple of bombs went off at the Boston Marathon...It's all over the news channels.  Or maybe it was something else..."   ...more
@elaineR.N.  Amen Elaine, AMEN!more

Push through life’s storm even when it blinds you

My life right now is blurry—not unlike today’s blizzard-like conditions. Sometimes, though, you have to push through the storm even when the snow is blinding.Two nights ago I had dinner with a dear friend who reminded me of a drive we took through the mountains two Januarys ago. We were headed for a girlfriends’ weekend during which 10 of us would celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. She was the first to head into this unchartered territory....more

Fear would make me crazy if I let it

My husband being out of town has made me realize that he is like a daily low-level dose of Valium, without which my inner crazy starts to emerge. You see, I have issues with being happy. If something great happens, I immediately panic that tragedy will strike within 24 hours to counterattack that happiness....more