Caring for a newborn. What to expect?

You’re expecting! But… you don’t know what to expect!Newly pregnant? Bringing home a newborn? What to expect?It will not all go as you expect it to. Some aspects will actually be easier than you thought they would be. Some aspects will be harder than you anticipated.What will be EASIER and what will be HARDER? That’s different for every mom, every parent. And, again, not always predictable....more

Feeling overwhelmed? 3 steps to shift from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered

Feeling overwhelmed?Sometimes we feel like there’s perpetual overwhelm, sometimes we know a specific event will send us into overwhelm, and sometimes it just sneaks up on us....more

1 step forward and 3 steps back? Trust yourself.

Set backs happen. Sometimes they happen when we feel the least equipped to handle them....more