5 Reasons Why You Must Heal

Healing can be many things. Healing is change. It is the need to let go of your pain and the need to grow. Many people resist healing because they are afraid of change. Change is beautiful if you embrace it. But it can also be brutal if you avoid it. Change happens whether you want it to or not. If you go with the flow and join the change movement it will reward you. If not, it will carry you down stream at a rapid pace kicking and screaming and it will hurt! Here is why you must heal! 1 – Healing is about letting go. ...more


I’ve struggled with writing outside of my personal journal for more years than I care to admit. All the reasons why anything I do would be better and more successful than writing have seeped into every crack and crevice of my life. I’ve gone down several career paths, while being married for more than thirty years, renovating a house and turning into a home, and nurturing two pretty neat human beings who call me ‘mom’....more

How to Help Your Dog Overcome Her Fears

When we first got our dog, Tasha, she was very afraid of the shower, even to the extent that she would not go into the bathroom while we were in there. She is usually a dog that sticks right by our sides all the time. Recently, a Facebook friend posted a comment about how her dog is afraid of her new office chair. Everyone gets phobias that can be debilitating if left unsolved. For me, that phobia is lightning, but everyone has something and dogs are no exception....more

Doing this before I lose my nerve.

I quit.  I just quit.  I quitty quitty quitty quit.I quit telling myself that I have no business trying to succeed. I quit drumming myself into oblivion.  I quit making excuses.  I quit staring at roadblocks, as if sheer mental power will make them go away. I quit setting myself up for failure because it hurts less than success.  I quit letting people misunderstand me and my motives.  I quit letting myself assume I am not worth the effort. ...more

Losing Yourself As A Mother

Do you believe you lose your yourself when you become a mother?  I've been asked that a few times and it made me angry... I made the decision to have my children, and I didn't lose a thing when I decided to devote myself to them!  In fact, I GAINED... in so many ways I cannot count them. This is where I insert the sappy part <I always knew people came into our lives for a reason but I never knew how much they could impact me and change me, until my girls were born>....more

Never Be Afraid

“As you know….” “Because of this we regret to inform you…”“Your position has been eliminated.”Those “…” are actually the moments I stopped listening because my heart had become a dull thud.“As you know THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK. Because of this we regret to inform you THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK, THUTHUNK. Your position has been eliminated.”That was exactly a week ago. The blur of the hours that followed, now in retrospect are not really a blur and reveal that even in that moment of this sucks, I won’t have a job in four weeks. I was going to be fine....more

Mom vs. Devil - A Battle of Wits

When we were kids, we had one TV and three channels–two of which didn't work... Our television didn't come with a remote–we were the remote! And if you didn't like what was on, it was as my brother would say, "tough titties."...more

Life Enriched: My Fascination With Spiders And Webs

I've owed you guys a post and explanation about the whole spider web fest going on in my yard and in my designs. I also owe you some more photos, since after all, last night was Halloween! (You gotta see what I did!)So I guess it's about time I give.First with the writing. Later with the Halloween photos....more

In the Rear View Mirror: Facing our Fears and Then Driving Away

All week I've been saying to myself..."I can't believe it's been a year."A year since I was airlifted from the ER to a strange hospital hours away from home. A year since I cried from the my depths of my soul "NO - I WILL NOT HAVE THIS BABY TODAY!" A year since the delivery room was silent. And a year since we heard that first tiny mew - a sign of life - at a an age where many doctors won't perform life-saving procedures. A year since we heard the words "4% chance of healthy survival" and "he might not make it out of here..."...more

Me and Procrastination

Normally you associate procrastination with someone who is lazy. Procrastination can also be applied to someone who has some type of fear. An example could be a fear of being judged or a fear of succeeding.  I have been diagnosed with having the procrastination disease and I am currently in treatment for it....more