True or False? Divorce Quiz For You

A fun quiz to test your knowledge of divorce. Separating myth from fact...There are many false beliefs and stereotypes surrounding divorce. Let’s separate fact from fiction or at least get a handle on some interesting divorce stats. Take the divorce savvy quiz and find out how much you really know....more

Backfire Effect & Reality

A forty-nine year old cancer patient named Julie Boonstra was featured last month in a political ad paid for by Americans for Prosperity (AKA The Koch Brothers’ Puppets) heart-wrenchingly accusing Democratic U.S. Rep....more
"I personally do not believe that"?!!  WHOA.more

Don Quixote and Cassandra's Lovechild

Scientists are a bunch of odd ducks who usually pay attention only to their own field, but the thing that unties us is that nary a one of us can leave a puzzle the hell alone. We want to know who, what, when, where and most especially HOW and WHY. Scientists, on the whole, vastly prefer facts to claptrap. Nevertheless, scientists are not impervious to culture and sometimes they interpret facts through a skewed lens. I am not claiming they know the Truth....more

Obama is not Coming After Your Guns and Romney is not Coming After Your Tampons

Before you get excited, this is NOT a post that is looking for or encouraging political bashing. So if you plan on getting busy in the comment section posting nasty stuff (not Janet Jackson nasty but political nasty. JJ nasty is perfectly acceptable), you’ll be asked to leave....more

Facts or Factoids?

We all know that our fears do not match our facts. Many people fear flying, but I never heard of anyone afraid of a cheeseburger. I never heard of anyone afraid to drive to the cheeseburger store (leaving aside the mentally ill who can't leave their house) but we all know that most auto accidents happen less than a mile from home. Moving doesn't help, either. The facts follow you....more

A great interview question; How to ferret out what someone doesn’t want you to know

During the process of doing some interviewing recently, an old tried but true interview question popped into my mind that I’d like to share with you. It’s useful in a variety of settings... work, home, business.People conceal things for the best and worst reasons – but one thing is certain, unless they are a complete sociopath, that one thing they do not want you to know about is at the forefront of their mind. They’re thinking along the lines of, “Please don’t let her ask me about this”, or, “What if I’m asked about this, how will I answer?”...more



Why Do We Care About Tiger's Drama? Because We're Nosy

If you haven’t heard all of the D-R-A-M-A surrounding Tiger Woods and his recent little car accident you must be living under a very large rock. With very large soundproof headphones. Whether you Google “Tiger Woods” as web results, news results or blog results, the stories are swirling. In addition to the gossipmongers like TMZ and Perez Hilton, major news networks are weighing in. He’s wrong. He’s right. He’s entitled to his privacy. He should set the record straight. His “brand” is in jeopardy. The tree should press charges....more