Nailed it or Failed it? Curly Locks on Short Hair

 So since I got my hair cut, I've been experimenting with different looks. "Pushing the envelope" so to speak on the styles I can do with short hair. After going through my hair appliances, I realized that I had completely forgotten about all of the different ways I used to curl my long locks. One of the safest and my most favorite way to curl my hair was to put curling rods in. I have probably close to a hundreds curling rods of all sizes so of course, the wheels started turning.....cred: netanimations.netI figured if I could get wild curly hair, pair it with my new Hendrix shirt, ripped jeans and my new dark Transylvania lipstick, I could really pull off a badass, rockstar type of look. So I googled short,wild curly hair and and there it was.... My inspiration. ...more

Fail Kitchen Lineup - July

Another big month here on Fail Kitchen. I've got recipes coming out my ears. At least thirty I haven't had a chance to write out yet, and so many more we've done and are doing. Here's what's coming up:...more
"Kitchen-Aid mixers were made for high" -- amen. lolmore

10 Horrific Kitchen Fails

In lieu of a recipe this week, I thought I'd list out the EVER-GROWING request list for Fail Kitchen.  Here are the ones already in the pipeline: ...more
A friend made the Oreo peanut butter brownies. They are really sweet. Like whoa.more

Fearless But Not Fail Affinitive

They say, "Don't be afraid to fail."They say, " Fail often."They say, "Fail faster."I don't want to fail. Failing isn't fun. The people who actually have the luxury of failure ironically they often succeed. They can afford to fail.  Their fails become trust falls.I can't afford to fail, but I gotta move forward fearlessly....more

Total andComplete Dinner Failure

After the post yesterday about a dish I made the night before that my family absolutely loves (Baked Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings), I felt it was only appropriate to post today about the total and complete dinner fail from last night. Because as you know, this is real life, and sometimes things don’t turn out the way we planned!...more
Pecked2DeathByChckns Thank you for the recipe, we will have to try it! So many times I fix ...more

Happy Father's Day?

image; Dreamstime Perhaps Happy Father's Day isn't a sentiment that is flying around BlogHER today, since this is a site dedicated to women bloggers.  Today I'm reminiscing on a disasterous attempt at helping my kids celebrate father's day post divorce.  My ex is a golf finatic.  My ex loved spending time with our kids AFTER we separated (not so much before).  I brillliantly ...more

Setting Your Own Blogging Standards

With millions of blogs in existence and everyone shouting to have their voice heard, how is a new blog supposed to get noticed? Happy Hippie Homemaker turns the idea of failure on its head, embracing the idea that her beloved site might fail by other people's blogging standards even though it succeeds within hers. And, I've got to say, I really love her blog standards. ...more
I think this is a great blogging attitude to have. To me, blogging is not about popularity or ...more

How To Thrive When You Fail

Magnificent Monday - You Failed Before, But Move

Magnificent Monday -it is magnificent to be able to fail and keep moving. Each Magnificent Monday thoughout the month of December has been devoted to the idea of taking action in spite of other things convenient excuses not to take action.  Previous Magnificent Mondays have covered the topics of:...more

Apple Maps: Epic Fail or Stunning Tribute to Salvadore Dali?

When the iPhone 5 launched on Friday, Apple supplied its own proprietary maps instead of using something existing (and right) like Google Maps. It turns out that this custom map app contains some artifacts not found in other map apps, and even excludes some found in the real world. iThing users quickly took to the Interwebs to start posting some of the more "unusual" sightings in Apple maps and I couldn't help but notice an uncanny likeness to some of my favourite paintings....more
Driving would be a lot more exciting! Commute time would be just like a ride on your favorite ...more