This was HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing! Now I have this weird urge to try making apple chips, ...more

Matcha Icebox cookies

In an attempt to put things on my 32 for 32 list that are not as scary as giving blood, or learning to ride the scooter, I have listed making icebox cookies as one of them, it also helps me to fill out the list, since 32 items is getting to be a lot of work.<...more

It's a Trap!

We've still not caught the mouse.  In fact, my husband is the only person in the house who has seen this mouse, and I am beginning to wonder if he is having rodent-centric hallucinations.I bought two more humane traps today because he keeps seeing it in different rooms of the house, and since the trap in the dinning room area wasn't enticing it, it seemed only logical to get more.Pro-tip for you: When you get a humane mouse trap, you have to put down the little flange so the effing mouse can get in it....more

365 photo project FAIL (or was it a fail?)

Monthly Memories ...more
@neekswrite your story today was awesome :) hope you had a good night! more

Fail Blog

I am a failure. ...more

4,000 Photos Accidentally Deleted: Is Your Flickr Account Safe?

Imagine you are a photographer. You backup your photos via flickr so you can also easily share them on your blog. Now imagine you find someone stealing your work! You report the offending flickr account as you are told to do. You imagine it will be taken care of. Now imagine you attempt to login the next day and find that they deleted your account instead. Sadly, that's what happened to one photoblogger. ...more

In our digital age we easily assume that all things can be replicated and replaced. I've only ...more

I'm Not a Clever Candy Bar Stasher

When you started living on your own, did you ever do anything stupid? Like, really, really stupid? I did (and not just in the "dated a LOSER" way, although I certainly did that too!) And Sexy Nerd is never going to let me forget it. Geez, I was stupid. Perhaps I'm not the only one though. Let me ask you a question......more

I started laughing about as soon as I saw the pic.
Yup, "warming drawer"...I store my cookie ...more

(UPDATED) Lift a Blogger's Post? But Honestly, Cook's Source, You Can't Do That

In yet another case of misunderstanding blogging, Cook's Source magazine reprinted a blogger's piece without her permission. But wait! It gets better! When the author of the piece inquired about it, she was told by the editor that everything on the Internet is free domain. And! The author's piece was in need of so much editing, the author should compensate her for a job well done. I'll wait while you stop boggling. Done now? I'm not. ...more
Holy COW @JennaHatfield . That is unreal. I'll certainly add to the Twitter fire here. thanks ...more

An Open Letter to Martha Stewart

Dear Ms. Stewart, I don't want you to take what I'm about to say in the wrong way. I give you full props for your perfect little empire. Well, almost perfect. There was that little stint you did in....well, you know....more

She is the Betty Crocker version of all the Ken Lays and Bernie Madoffs out there ripping off ...more