That Time I Did Not Advent Right

I Will Not Let Fear Drive The Minivan

Like I've said before, I idolize the Author, Elizabeth Gilbert. I have learned so many things from her latest book Big Magic, but probably the biggest was that you needed fear to be creative, you just can't let it drive the minivan.  It has to come along, but it has to sit in the back seat, with absolutely no contribution....more

The Fear of Failure

I mentioned in a recent post about how the fear of failure has held me back chasing a dream. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that fear has always played a huge factor in my life. More than likely my fears stem from my anxiety....more

Accepting the Mommy Guilt

Let me tell you about my son. Cian is two and a half. Cian lives a much different life than his sisters did when they were his age. He doesn't go to Music Together class. He hasn't been signed up for MyGym. We hardly ever, ever go to the library, but that's mainly because I never remember to take back the books on time and we keep racking up overdue fees (role model up in HERE!). His last playdate was two months ago. Want to know what Cian does?...more

Make Failure Your Friend

Why is it for many of us, no matter how many achievements and successes we enjoy in our lives, and in spite of all the praise and accolades received, we will sometimes pick up a banner marked with the words FAILURE, drape it across our chest and go about donning the sour smiles of lost beauty queens and race car drivers and all losers in general?...more

Reconciling Passion & The Leap

I’ve been working on the same novel since the beginning of time.In my first incarnation I probably wore mammoth furs and carved this story onto a cave wall with an antler dipped in red ochre.As a slave, I likely told it orally at the close of an endlessly long and grueling day. My “master” wouldn’t have allowed me to learn how to read and write, but that didn’t stop this creation from wanting to come through me. So I must have whispered it in the dark to my children as I tucked them into bed....more

The Fear Of Failure

 The big F word… FAILURE ! Let’s face it everyone is afraid of it and even me to be honest. If your brave enough to call a small piece of the internet home to your thoughts and ideas well then Well done! I salute you because i can be scary, overwhelming, nerve wrecking and exciting all at once. If you’ve taken the first step in starting a blog then your well on your way to starting something rather than nothing....more

That is SO Not a Mom Fail

One of my Facebook friends put up a post this morning saying she thought she was the only mom around who hadn't taken a last-day-of-school picture of her kids. She hashtagged her post "mom fail." Um, no.That's #crazytalk.I know this mom, and she is amazing. She cares about her kids. She's enthusiastic and involved. I've never seen her when she wasn't smiling. (Note to my children: no, you cannot have her instead of me.)...more

The Best Laid Plans: What to do when the treatment makes things worse.

     It is interesting how previous damage really can change a person.  After several rather unfortunate occurrences, I was officially diagnosed with PTSD. PTSD that supposedly had a great hand in the current inconvenience that is fibromyalgia. I did the whole therapy thing, for years. I tried the medications I could afford..even attempted meditation, yoga, etc. No go. For the most part, I just try to do what many other people do...bury the bad stuff deep and try really, really hard not to think too much. ...more

On Doing Things Badly

A lot of people talk about “failing well,” and I do love the concept. But, maybe this is just a linguistic quirk of mine, the word failure does not resonate with me a whole lot when it comes to creativity.I see failure as a binary possibility – pass/fail, success/failure. You fail a test, fail a class. It’s a kind of non-doing. You did not meet the criteria or measurement of success. You failed....more