What's Your Real Excuse

I'll make my first BlogHer post short and sweet. In keeping with an interview I did with a local woman with a national herbal magazine, I'm getting the piece written and shared!Each episode of my Pure Food for Thought™ show opens with the same question, "What would you like our listeners to learn from your journey?" Each time the answer surprises me, though there is often (especially with women) a common thread. ...more

Life Happens

*Here is an excerpt for my newest post. Read its entirety here.*...more

Do You Feel Like A Failure?

Clients tell me constantly “I feel like a failure”well… you feel like a failure because you are comparing yourself to others, you feel like a failure because you are trying to fit into what society dictates “a good mum / wife / business owner / employee” looks like.For goodness sake Ladies, WAKE UP!You do not need to be a better parent, you do not need to be a better wife or a better employee or a better business ownerYou don’t need to learn how to juggle or balance...more

Change Your Mind about the Illusion of "Failure"

How about today you decide to let go of your perception of the ”failures” in your life? Any break-ups with a lover or friend, the times you didn’t hit the sales goals in your job,  the times that something didn’t work out as you hoped it would or as you wanted it to....more