Bye Bye Kit Kat

I will pretty much take chocolate in any form, hot, dark, milk, I have even been known to eat a bag of chocolate chips, straight from the bag....more

New Ecuadorian Fair-Trade Chocolate

THE GIFT OF FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE I love it when I find new and interesting companies that I can tell you guys about. I love it even more when the company is passionate about what they do and their business helps others as well. I recently discovered Ecuatoriana de Chocolates - one of Ecuador's first gourmet chocolate companies. They specialise in the production of fine, single origin dark chocolate with a cocoa content of between 61% and 91%. That's a serious chocolate fix! ...more

Have a Greener Halloween

A friend was telling me the other day that she can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ people in Northern California buy for Halloween. She is from a small town in Southern California and they never bought costumes or make-up. They would just make their own from old clothes and maybe put charcoal on their faces. She has a good point. Our love affair with buying things for any occasion is out of control, and likely not just in Northern California. When looking at greener solutions to your typical Halloween Holiday, consider the basics and what you really need to have fun. ...more

Thanks for the green ideas! Very ...more