Chill out with a cool green drink -- that has an eco-ethical mission too!

I hear it's gotten cold in some parts of the country, but we had a perfect summer day in Los Angeles today. So for those who live in similar weather -- or who just love chilled drinks whatever the temperature is outside, here are my top 3 recommended eco-ethical drinks to quench your thirst while supporting a good cause: ...more

Fair trade tours for coffee, chocolate, and olives

If you start your day with organic, fair trade coffee, like to cook with organic olive oil, and treat yourself to gourmet fair trade organic chocolate on occasion -- then you're a lot like me. And you might want to sign up for one of these environmentally and socially conscious eco-educational vacations coming up to get a closer look at the coffee, chocolate, and olive oil you love: ...more

Valentines That Give Back

Whether you are single, or attached, why not celebrate Valentines Day with a gift that gives back? Megan Stohner has a great roundup of ideas in her post, What are you spending on this Valentine's Day - chocolates or charity? on the Case Foundation blog, Let's Talk. ...more

Economic Citizenship: The Political Economy of Handknitting

Of Economic Citizenship:  The Political Economy of Handknitting If America is to survive, We the People must rediscover how to be We the People.  Which means: citizens.  Which means: responsible members of this civilization.  Which means: citizenship is more than a legal status and a set of rights and entitlements.  It requires living and acting responsibly in the political, economic, social and cultural realms that, several generations of so-called social scientists to the contrary, cannot be separated. ...more

It's So Cold I Just Have to Buy New Scarves!

At least that's the excuse that I gave my husband when I ordered some fabulous (and warm!) scarves that I found over at World of Good. You can see more on my blog at Quirky Gurl but here's a pic of one of the scarves I ordered.   ...more

A Slave-Free Chocolate Addiction: Too Complicated for Your Life?

I confess: I have a chocolate addiction. Maybe it’s the genetic make-up of my brain, my female hormones or just 8 years of working retail and having displays of chocolate bars staring me in the face for hours on end. In any case, the idea of living without chocolate is abhorrent to me. ...more

The average java junkie drinks the fruit of about six coffee trees each year. Make ‘em fair trade.

Better late than never: October was Fair Trade Month, and according to Trans Fair USA, the only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States, a good place to look at the impact of non-fair trade certified products is in the most commonplace of household staples: coffee. ...more

Fair Trade Month - How YOU Can Help

Basic Principles of Fair Trade• Fair price: Democratically organized farmer groups receive a guaranteed minimum floor price and an additional premium for certified organic products. Farmer organizations are also eligible for pre-harvest credit. continue reading at - ...more

Amani Ya Juu

Many in our country are reveling in the fact that a woman with a real shot at winning has made it on a presidential ticket. Finally, some feel, the glass ceiling is being shattered. While we watch a woman climbing to the very top in America, the women in many parts of Africa are merely hoping for a chance to make a simple living at the very bottom. ...more