How Do You Know if Something Counts as Fair Use?

From blogs to Pinterest to Facebook and YouTube, the words "fair use" are thrown around quite a bit. In theory, fair use is a great concept. Unfortunately, 9 times out 10, I find bloggers I speak with aren’t applying it correctly when they think they are. I’m not an attorney, but in writing about social media netiquette and ethics, I’ve become aware of how misunderstood certain legal basics can be. So, let’s talk about the myths, the misconceptions and the meaning of fair use from the layman’s perspective....more
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Fair Use Dos and Don'ts: What Bloggers Can Learn From "Twilight"

Whether you are a novice solo blogger or a seasoned online community entrepreneur, you've got to stay on top of the laws of fair use -- the rules governing how much of someone else's work you can copy for comment or other purposes. And that's a challenge, because not even the US Copyright office itself can give you a simple definition. Here's a list of dos and don'ts that will likely keep you safe. ...more
what about using photographs? say i want to blog about the oscars, so i find images online and ...more

Choosing Copyright or Creative Commons for Your Intellectual Property

Copyright is and has been one of the most important issues in blogging. After all, you pour your own blood, sweat, and tears into your posts and you don't want people stealing that content without attribution, right? That's why this week's article is about copyright and Creative Commons and the differences between the two. ...more
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The Murky Mysteries of Fair Use Rise Again

Just last June, the AP caused a stir, reported on BlogHer by Professor Kim, with the result that many bloggers now refuse to quote or link to any stories from the AP. ...more

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