Raising a kind child

Whenever my son doesn't get his way, he declares that my husband and I are being mean to him. Of course he does. In his world "mean" is the best word he has to describe the situation. It is horribly mean of us to ask him to follow the household rules, or for us to squash his fun by taking him on errands, or for us to encourage him to finish his morning tasks so we can get to school on time....more

Professional Women Opt Out

Sometimes, you can't help overhearing a conversation. Five women were having coffee at Starbucks, surrounded by their collective seven children. From their talk, it was clear they were professionals who had opted out of their careers to raise their kids. One confided that her husband was angry about the financial pressure he felt at being the sole earner in the family....more

Love, Friendship, Patriotism ... Why I'm an Immigration Ally

In 1997, at age 32, I felt like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in that movie The Internship, only instead of interning at Google, I was interning just down the road from Google at a weekly newspaper called the Mountain View Voice. Frustrated by the teaching market in California at the time, I decided to take a year off from substitute teaching and endless job applications to try something I'd always wanted to do: journalism....more

Family Not Entitled to Inheritance

Most people think that kids are entitled by law to their parents' estate. However, there is no law in the U.S. that requires people to leave an inheritance for their children, grandchildren or other family members. This concept is called 'testamentary freedom' .That means children receive an inheritance because parents choose to leave it to them. Inheritance lies not in the genes, but in the heart. So it seems it's all about the quality of relationship, not family ties....more
True....mostly. If you have a will and you don't include your children but you also don't ...more

SURRENDER, To The Fact That Life Isn't Fair

1sur·ren·der verb \sə-ˈren-dər\: to agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc., because you know that you will not win or succeed...more

Life isn't fair

Sometimes life’s a turncoat. If I had a sling shot I’d just shoot life right between the eyes because I’m David and small and yet this big old Goliath-life barges around like a bully.  I might have little value in this world but I’m a fighter, so someone please hand me a rock because my hands are shaking and I need to throw something.  Patience is a virtue, the Bible says.  It also says the meek inherit the earth and all kinds of other proverbs that are right and true but I’m so mad I could spit....more

Teach Your Children Well

I'm gonna have to throw a bullshit flag on this play....more

3 Rules of Civility

As I teach about "civility"--showing politeness and regard for others--I realize how foreign of a concept kindness has become.  I ask the class why it's so hard to be civil.  We practice writing arguments that persuade others, and adopting a civil tone makes all the difference when trying to persuade.  "It's more interesting to be angry and mean," one student insists.  It's true, perhaps.  It's more entertaining to insult another person than to argue with fairness.  And it's easier.  ...more

What’s the Big Deal About a Female Head Football Coach?

What’s the big deal if we get the whistle and start slapping behinds?...more