When Sexual Fantasies Get...Complicated

On the TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” the character Marshall confesses that he can’t fantasize about another woman without first imagining his wife, Lily, dying of a terminal illness. I’m pretty much the same way. I can’t daydream about a guy without maintaining the reality that I have young children and a husband....more
BoobsMcGee22Thank you, I'm glad I'm not alone.  :-) I see it in my son when he makes up stuff, ...more

Dating - Bah!!!

I believe in Fairytales. I believe in relationships. I believe every pot has a lid. I don’t believe in dating.Why? Because it’s stressful and awkward and stilted and a waste of my time. Not that I’m so busy I can’t fit dating in… no… that’s not it. I am not interested in dating, and therefore it becomes a chore....more

Once Upon A Time "We Are Both" review (live posting/review)

Where we left off: Emma and Mary Margaret fell into the Hatter's magic hat and were transported to a part of Fairy Tale Land that was untouched (for some reason) by Regina's curse....more

Jumping the Broom isn't so bad as long as the handle is low...

This past Friday the 13th, I decided to stick with tradition, and go see a horror movie. But my overpriced ticket to Jumping the Broom was not quite as horrible as I expected. Before I delve into the details, let me say that the key to enjoying any movie experience is to go in with low expectations....more