The Power of a Praying Woman

 The Power of a Praying Woman...more


Anger = Red

I'm not sure what to do with this anger that I feel, I'm not sure where it is coming from or why it won't go away. I love God. God is love, not anger, not hate, not resentment or selfish thoughts. Anger sneaks up on me almost daily now. I walk around and see happy people, looking refreshed and dressed nice, laughing with their friends, and I hate it. I see young women Taylor's age and they are all doing so well, and I hate it. I see a beautiful women or a content marriage or a man showing affection to his happy wife and I hate it!...more

Life is tough, but so are you!

Dear Diary,...more

Did I just say that?

As soon as the words pushed past my teeth and I heard them out loud, I could not believe that I was the one saying those things! What we say can never be completely taken back....more

Admitting that I do not have it all together

I confess, I don't have it all together! For those of you who think that I can do everything and never get upset or come unprepared haven't really been around me that much. I think we all have this outward persona that makes us want others to think of us in a certain way. For example I'm a teacher and I want people to think that I have thought out every lesson, and am ready to go, never being at at a loss for what to do next....more

Lessons from Dementia

God loves us completelyThe phone calls from my mom in the middle of the night range from humorous to heart wrenching. Currently she is in a Rehab hospital following a week-long hospital stay. Unfortunately the hospital stay ramped up her dementia to a whole new level. Previous to this stay she forgot things, would get confused and sometimes look at you with a blank stare. Now however, the stares are more often, the confusion is throughout the day and evenings have become a terrifying time for her....more

Monday Morning Motivation..."Waiting"

The key to everything is patience.  You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.Arnold H. Glasow I have learned, through difficult times, that I have no choice but to wait.  I can't rush things even though I may want to.  Many days I want the end result now, I want to "smash the egg"....more