I made a choice. Years later it makes me laugh and cry.

Quirks. Everyone has them and I'm no exception.Four or five years ago, I headed out of my home with the purpose of getting groceries. On the way, I got sidetracked and stopped at a Talbots outlet on a whim, dressed in what can only be described as the "opposite" of Talbots. My shabby-chic look included the crown jewel of my shoe wear that year. A much worn and beloved pair of paint-splattered size 5, Croc sandals....more

Life and Opposition

 Blog attempt - Round 2! Sharing what I am learning about striving for an uncomplicated life of faith that is rooted in love.Lord, give me the skill to be a woman of consistency  who doesn't quit in the face of failure or opposition:)...more

10 Bible Verses for the Worried Parent

Have you ever noticed how many Bible verses there are with the word "fear" in them?Just the other night, I woke in a complete panic because I thought I heard gunshots.  There was no reason for me to believe it was gunshots: I live in a very quiet neighborhood, it was the week of the 4th of July, people shoot off firecrackers... (all week long).  There was no reason to fear, except that our country was in the midst of an internal war, and people were being murdered daily.  And that was reason enough for me to fear....more

But What About Saturday? Finding Hope in the Wait

 This post originally appeared at http://ashleydoylepooser.com.Mom Confession:Easter week has completely caught me by surprise this year. My excuses reasons: (1) We are on Round Two of strep throat in the last month. That would be six cases of strep in the last four weeks. That's 120 doses of antibiotics. (2) We are on Jake's eleventy billionth shift in a row. (3) Each kid has had a different school project. (4) Full moon. (5) No sleep. (6) First Easter away from family and our regular traditions. (7) General loss of mind....more

Religion, Family and Letting Your Kids Find Their Faith

Religion. What a sticky subject, isn't it? We all think that we know best when it comes to religion, don't we? The problems arise when we try to convince others to agree with us. ...more
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American Political Arena or Modern-Day Roman Colosseum

In today’s arena of ideas, character assassinations have become the quickest and most effective way to take out political opponents....more

God's Love

I’m thankful for the great and mighty love God has for me.For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. ~ John 3:16Isn’t that amazing! God loves us so much, regardless of how messed up we are, that He offered us His Son, Jesus, so we would have the choice to be in a close relationship with Him. There is truly no greater love than the love God the Father has for His people, us....more

Why Shouldn't We?

I have just posted this on my blog, Take It Easy. If you like what you read, I'd love you to follow the link to read more of my ramblings! Thanks for reading. ...more

On Dreaming & Doing

*Editor's Note: This content also appears on my blog @ thisjoyoushome.com. --"Have you ever wanted it so bad, it hurts?" I asked my husband this evening. We'd just put the baby to sleep and I was hanging off the bed so as not to wake him with the light from my iPhone - the one with the screen cracked in a million places that I refuse to repair on principle. (I love Apple but seriously, it's a racket folks.)...more

Dear Anna Duggar, Like You, May We Inhale Grace

Dear Anna Duggar,...more
Quite the discussion is taking place ...more