Have Your Kids Walked Away From God

How many kids are leaving home after high school and walking away from their "faith?"...more

Is Your Faith Real, or Just a Facade?

It is ever important to live in genuine faith...to roll up your sleeves and get behind it...to deeply live it....to not allow yourself to live the smoke and mirrors life that I had lived for so long. http://wisdomgraceandchickens....more

Going Through The Motions

Heartache is a horrible thing. The true pain life brings is scary and unpredictable. I thought I knew this world was ugly when I was in college but little did I know how ugly it could really be. The vast waters of sin are beyond my comprehension. Although my eyes have seen but a taste, I can't fathom the root of where this evil really lays and nor do I want to....more

What Perseveres

I went looking for old photos today, to find a me with a smile. A me that said there were days of laughter and light. And there were photos like that, birthday parties and patent leather shoes, days at Central Park with my little brothers and gag gifts at Christmas. Unfortunately though, that fades quickly and what remains is the soot of a childhood that wasn't. The soot that you sweep and sweep into this or that corner, but a faint residue always remains. ...more

Spiritual Misfit: A Memoir of Uneasy Faith - Book Review

Michelle DeRusha's book, Spiritual Misfit:A Memoir of Uneasy Faith, is as open, engaging, and honest. The topic of spirituality in today's culture and society has become more open than it once was, so I think this book is a great place to begin a conversation. In the book, she discusses her entire path, all parts of it. From when she attended religious services out of duty, to her pure avoidance of the topic altogether, marrying someone with faith, and the slow walk to where she is today....more

You Are Not Made to Fit In – Never Compromise Your Faith

You are not made to be like everybody else.  God made you different. Embrace your uniqueness.You are a child of God.  You’re unique. Don’t fit in.  Stand out. Don’t give in to sin....more

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

My Journey with Faith

Fairly recently, I came into quite a bit of God-talk. But not really the religious God-talk. It's spiritual. It's full. It's open. It's inviting. It's forgiving. It's graceful. It's loving. It's kind. It's all the things that I don't find or hear from the religious God-talk....more

Disability, Sexuality, and Faith

It has become quite obvious that my fifteen year old special needs daughter and a boy in her social club have a little romance going on!  I doubt if they've ever even uttered one word to each other but when they are together he gets right up in her face and takes her hands in his.  Then they dance and run around together, hand in hand!  It's just so incredibly  adorable! ...more
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The Blues

I started blogging because I wanted to speak to the masses. I didn't have one particular topic I wanted to focus on. I just wanted to be able to appeal to a large number of folks. I always wanted to write and have a profound message that all could relate to. After graduating college, my dream job was to be a magazine writer. It didn't exactly happen that way and I accepted that. At the time. <i>Maybe I was meant to do something else</i>, I told myself. I dabbled in several careers. I also wondered though, what if I had stayed the course with my writing....more