We are made better by ill....

The good are better made by ill, as odors crushed sweeter still. Roger   ...more

Practicing Presence at V-Day

First I have to prove to you that I am indeed here in New Orleans with thousands of women celebrating V-Day; so, here's a picture, a gargantuan expression of the vaginal symbol associated with the V-Day movement. It's sitting in the center of the main stage at the Louisiana Superdome. ...more

Mata and Virginia, I thank you for reading and commenting.  You both would have enjoyed V-Day ...more

New Music from Female Favorites (and some new discoveries)

Melissa, Annie, Joni and Faith. Do I need to tell you their last names? Probably not given how successful each of these artists have been. These four women have new CDs out so if you're looking for some new tunes checking out these offerings might be a good place to start. Annie Lennox's latest is "Songs of Mass Destruction," released today..  The video for the first single "Dark Road" highlights the undercurrent of unease felt during wartime which weaves a thematic thread through much of these artists' work without being outright protest songs. ...more

It's the voice I wouldn't mind hearing when I die. The band is more