Homemade Falafel

Falafel is something that I never tried until at least college, so it is still a new food to me. This was the first time I’ve tried making it at home. ...more

The Girls Next Door

Our neighbors across the street have two adorable little girls. The other day we were hanging out in their yard and the girls were showing off their vegetable garden. They had some ripe tomatoes and picked a few for the boys to sample. Talk about peer pressure, even Liam and Dylan popped a few in their mouths. As we were heading back to our house the girls proudly presented us with one of their cucumbers....more

Falafel Salad with Jalapeno Tzatziki

Meatless Monday is big right now.  In our house we have cut down on our meat consumption quite a bit for diet, health and ethical issues.  Don't worry  I'm not going to get on my anti-factory farming soap box (although as we all know, it is a great thing to buy local and from small farms and ranches).  Anyway, salads get boring and I don't know about you but I need to feel satisfied and want to have some substance to my salad.  So, I said to myself, what could I add to my salad to make it hearty but keep ...more

Falafel Party

Falafel is a great way to bring hands to the same table. It can be used as an appetizer or a main course. Whe nwe make falafel at home, we like to make a lot of dips to go along with it.Tonight we made babaganoush and hummus to go along with our falafel, plus we steamed sweet corn and zucchini. Mmm....more

The Middle East Falafel Conflict

image via Falafel Road...more

5 Great Vegetarian Recipes

During my week of vegan eating in February, I felt great and learned a lot, but I didn’t have a very good repertoire of go-to meals. Since then, I have been eating vegetarian at least a day or two a week and eating less meat when I do eat other meals. Hoping to expand my options, I built a week of vegetarian eating around trying some new recipes....more

The Parade of Nations and a falafel recipe.

Yesterday was the annual Local Colors Festival in my hometown. It's an annual festival that celebrates the diversity of the nationalities living here in the Roanoke Valley, of which there are over ninety. This spring festival boasts a parade of nations and a series of performances that last all day long. There are also a multitude of vendors selling wares and food that are representative of their countries. ...more

Chard & Kale Falafel with a Lemon Tahini & Sumac Sauce

Chard & Kale Falafel with a Lemon Tahini & Sumac Sauce ...more

2 days + 6 meals = Another Fabulous Vegan MoFo Weekend!

Last weekend my husband and I had so much fun.  We challenged ourselves to eat every meal at home and to make dishes we had never tried before.  It was a very delicious weekend. So why not do it again?...more